Adventures in Love – First Camping Trip With the New RV

Truly, camping is an adventure in love. So much can go wrong with the trip but so much can go right.

Back in October, David and I made the decision to purchase a new RV. We settled on a 28′ Bullet Lite trailer. It’s pretty nice. Feels like a motel room. Definitely, not something we would want to go full time RV’ing in but to take it out for weekend trips and short stays, it is perfect. We named our RV Deloris Bullet (pronounced Boo-Lay).

Easter weekend was also David’s birthday weekend, so we figured it would be a perfect time to take the RV out for her maiden voyage. I made reseveration’s at Base Camp Campground, near Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Nestled between Black Hawk and Golden, Colorado. It’s a quaint little campground, not very big. The staff there was so very friendly. The camp store was loaded with lots of grocery items, convenient food store item, and a tiny gas station, which is pretty much the only gas station between Golden and Idaho Springs. I made the reservations and kept the location a surprise from David…

A few lessons we learned on this trip…

  • I will never again keep the location a secret from David again. I am definitely going to need his help making reservations. How was I supposed to know that the campsite was right next to the dump station. Good thing it was still considered the “off season” and the dump station was closed.
  • Know when the “off season” is… don’t be fooled by the calendar. Off season is considered to be off season until about 2 weeks or more after the last freeze. Well, since it had snowed recently and there was a LOT of snow, It was still considered off season!!! Apparently, during the off season, written in really tiny print, you cannot hook up to the water, in case of frozen pipes.
  • No running water is roughing it to me… We bought a trailer with a toilet for a reason. I don’t want to go traipsing to the restrooms at 3 in the morning, which is when I usually wake up and have to go. David wants to go boondocking? HA HA LOL – Also, never assume that you will have running water. Make sure you take extra jugs of water. Luckily, we had bought a case of water bottles.
  • Invest in a comfy mattress. That is one of our next big purchases for the RV… the mattress that came with the trailer is like laying on slab of cement. The Great Danes liked the bed though. What mattress do you recommend for an RV?
  • Make sure you have a shovel and a door mat. The shovel we had. David was able to shovel some of the snow away from the picnic table. Although, you think, the campground would have had the sites shoveled??? We did go to Golden, CO and went to Hobby Lobby and got a door mat. It keeps the mud from being trekked through the trailer by humans and dogs.
  • Locate the nearest dog parks and places where you can walk your dogs. Unfortunatly, the dog walking area at the campground was under a lot of snow. We wound up letting the dogs run around in a ball field, which said “no dogs allowed.” But they aren’t dogs… they are our babies. Right. They had a blast having that field all to themselves.
  • Plan your menu… and also plan on eating out. Sometimes, staying in the campground… all day long….gets mighty boring. Go explore your neighboring towns and cities. Go for a walk. Go hiking. Get out of that trailer and do something. The breakfast burritos that we had made and froze before we left were the best things we had all weekend. We couldn’t do our foil packets with our lemon pepper and butter salmon and asparagus, because we couldn’t get to the grill outside the trailer. It was covered in snow. We weren’t brave enough to use the propane oven or stove.
  • Finally, know your route. The way up there was on some windy, curvy mountain roads… which, I mean David should’ve expected since we were going up to a little over 9,000 ft in elevation. But again, the location was a secret. He did well, driving the trailer all the way up those twisty, windy roads for the first time. I think he got more annoyed at drivers on the Interstate who like to pull in front of you and slow down. Coming home we came down through Idaho Springs, HWY 119, I think and it was less mountainy… and I think it was a quicker route.
  • Going away was nice. Coming home is even better. We got home Sunday afternoon, which was Easter, and the house smelled like pot roast slowing roasting all day in the crock pot. It smelled so good. My daughter made Easter dinner for us. We had pot roast, carrots, potatoes, greenbeans with ham and potatoes, and a tossed salad. It was good to be home.

Here is a short video of our first trip with the new RV!!

Til the next adventure


Positively Debbie

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