Hi! I’m Debbie

Have I ever introduced myself? Probably a long time ago when I first started this blog. Let me do it again. Hi! I’m Debbie. My given name is Deborah… with an “ah” not just Debra with no “ah” I have always gone by Debbie though. My name has always felt special to me. All of my brothers and my sister have a name that’s starts with an “S” – I am the only whose name starts with a different letter. Either I’m adopted or I’m pretty special. I like to think the latter is true. I was the first daughter after 3 boys.

I am a self-proclaimed nerd. I love staying indoors and reading, writing, reading, crafting, and shopping for more crafting goods, something vintage or antique to resell or decorate my home with. I would love to have a house full of vintage, antique furniture. I have a goofy grin.

I am still in love with my first husband. My only husband – we will be celebrating our 39th anniversary. I have an absolutely, insanely, crazy good life. Our three children are grown. 2 of our kids have provided us with three absolutely, beautiful, precious grandchildren. One girl and two boys. Our oldest child is currently living with us – along with our 6 month old grandson. He is the apple of our eye, our sidekick, our gumdrop.

We also have two Great Danes. One who is 5 and one is 2 1/2 – female and male. We just lost our little boy Chihuahua – Journey… he is survived by our little MaltiPoo- Jubilee… she is 14 years old. Getting up there in age, slowing down a bit but still a pistol. We also dog sit our granddog – Angel – who is a Basset Hound. She may be an Angel, but I see horns coming out her head. She belongs to my son. My daughter also has 3 dogs that live with us. A German Shepherd and watch dog extraordinaire and two little tappers – Boog and Puddles.

Hope and Cosmo when he was just a puppy

Good thing – I like dogs.

To sum me up… I guess you can say – I am the fun-seeking, healthy living, crafty, entrepreneur type, animal loving, introvert sometimes, extrovert sort-of, germ hating, people loving, giving God the glory girl – who also owns Scrap4Less – a retail resale store of used, retired, on clearance, vintage, antique goods, an Independent Stampin Up demonstrator and a Mary Kay consultant. I was thinking about adding Pampered Chef to help me cook gluten and dairy free.

My dream is to become the Stampin Up demonstrator version of a pink Cadillac Mary Kay lady. I want this blog and my You Tube channel to grow so everyone will know that I am the crafty lady who inspires others to learn and grow through creativity. In the end though I want to just live a happy, healthy life, surrounded by my family and my dogs. I want to grow old with my hubby, sitting on our porch, sipping tea and just relaxing.

Everything I do – I want it to glorify God… who at the very end of my life will say – “Well done good and faithful servant. Welcome in to the joy of the Lord. Your race is won. Here’s your crown.”

If you are reading this leave me a comment and let me know a little about you.

Thanks for reading.

Positively, Debbie

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