Put Your Weight On It

Currently, I am reading a book by Michael Todd called Crazy Faith. One of the sayings he wrote about in his book is “Put your weight on it.” Meaning, that when you put your weight on something you have faith that it is going to hold you up. When you put your faith in God – you are trusting Him that He is going to hold you up no matter what.

David and I had gone furniture shopping a few months – looking at new recliners. The furniture I have right now is used. I have a comfy, white, leather-ish recliner that I found for $40 and a red sleeper sofa that I got for $75. They are comfortable and I don’t buy new because I have dogs. Two Great Danes, a malti-poo and a Chihuahua who peed on everything, was not conducive to buying new furniture. Since we looked at the furniture, the Chihuahua has crossed the rainbow bridge. I miss him so much but I don’t miss all the pee puddles.

Anyways, while we were looking we found the most comfortable, relaxing reclining love seat, which had a matching sofa. This recliner was so awesome. It felt like lying on a cloud. You could recline the love seat until it was almost flat. The Great Danes would’ve loved it. David would’ve loved it because he would’ve been able to snuggle up on it with both of the Danes. It definitely would’ve become a love seat for the Great Danes. Alas, spending that much money for something that was going to get peed on just didn’t fit the budget.

When we sat on that loveseat for the first time, we didn’t stop and think if it was going to hold us up – we just sat on it. We trusted that love seat and the maker of that love seat to have designed it properly. It wasn’t until after we sat on it that we realized just how comfortable it was. It made me want to keep sitting there and relaxing in its comfort.

On the other hand – the other day I was at the thrift store and looking at the furniture. I wanted to sit down cause I was holding the baby, and he was starting to get heavy and his mom had to go use the restroom. I noticed a wicker bottom dining room chair and thought to myself there is no way that wicker is going to hold my fat bottom. I would fall through the minute I sat down. So, I avoided that chair and sat in a stronger looking chair sitting across from it.

And that is what life is like… Sometimes, God places the comfy, looking reclining love seat and the rickety, wooden, wicker bottom chair in front of you. Which would you choose? That’s what Michael Todd asks in his book.

Why do also go to what is the most comfortable?

Sometimes, God can give us a straight back chair, or a church pew, which makes you sit up straight and pay attention. Sometimes He does give us a comfortable love seat, where you can relax and rest. Sometimes, He places a rickety, old antique chair in front of you that makes you wonder if you are about to fall. That is faith. Faith that causes us to sit up straight and pay attention. Faith that helps us relax and rest that God is in charge and faith – that no matter what God will not allow us to fall.

Faith that if I “put my weight on it” – God has got me and will “work everything out according to His plan”

1 Peter 5:7 – Cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you…


Positively, Debbie

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