Life, Liberty and My Pursuit of Happiness

Have you noticed? My blog site, here at WordPress, has a new look. I love it! I give the credit to Megan Elizabeth at Life Above Rubies (, for helping me get this up and going. She is truly a remarkable lady! I totally recommend checking out her website and all she has to offer. She goes more than the extra mile to help someone out. She is a true Proverbs 31 woman.

I bought a book the other day, titled, The Happiness Project, written by Gretchen Rubin. Why did I buy it? I guess because the word Happy was in it. You see this whole year, I have struggled with depression. I know there are some worse things in life to be depressed about, but this year has probably brought me to my lowest point. Do you ever feel  like, sometimes, just collapsing in the middle of the store and saying – NO MORE! That’s it! Stop the world – I want off! I have worked hard this year on changing my mindset and not looking at the negative. I mean, look how far I’ve come! I have started my own business, I am starting this blog and I started school to get my certification as a certified personal fitness trainer. Depression is a daily battle,  but counseling, working out with a fitness trainer and working with Megan as a business/life coach has been my lifesavers. Hence, the reason, whenever I see a book or article with the word Happy in it – I am drawn to it.

I really love Gretchen Rubin’s book and her one year journey into finding happiness. The only drawback to me was that Gretchen wrote it from the perspective of having young children at home. I am beyond that. My kids are grown. They all have jobs outside the home. Even though one lives at home, one comes home on the weekend, and one lives in Texas with his family,  it is still not the same as when they were little. I realized that this is probably the number reason why I felt so depressed. What happens to life when the kids are grown? The traditions that one had developed, while the children were young, begin to fade into distant memories, as they develop their own traditions. The empty nest syndrome, quite frankly, sucks. Where is my happy? What is my purpose now? Where does life go from here?

This is why, I have decided to start my own Happiness Project – based on Gretchen Rubin’s concept – except from the perspective of being an older parent – with grown children – an empty nester. I am combining it with Megan’s Life Above Rubies 30 Day Challenge – ( – This should be interesting.

I am now officially launching my newly designed blog site as I blog about life, liberty and my pursuit of Happiness. Follow along with me as we begin this Positive Journey…

7 thoughts on “Life, Liberty and My Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Dennise (Dee) Robinson says:


    I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite authors Barbara Johnson and her struggles that she shared in many of her books. Don’t know if you have ever read any of her books but she has some really good ones. The one that came to mind first today as I read your blog post was “Stick a Geranium In Your Hat and Be Happy” If you haven’t read her books I would suggest you check them out, I think you will like them.



    • Positively Debbie says:

      I have seen her books but I have never sat down and read one of them. I will make a note of it to get one her books next time I am at Barnes and Noble. Thank you! I always love a good book recommendation


      • Dennise (Dee) Robinson says:

        A lot of her books deal with her own battle with depression, and all of the things she went through regarding her children and learning to deal with it all. She has an amazing sense of humor and even though she went through so much with her ups and downs how she managed to find joy and get through it. I’m sure you will like them.


      • Dee says:

        Yes she did have a son that committed suicide and another that came out as being gay at a time when it was a shock to people and especially as a Christian that is already dealing with a lot. It’s amazing to me how she came through it all.


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