Hope the Great Dane – We’ve Got High Hopes

What was I thinking? This dog is a handful and that is no pun intended. I think it is because I was not prepared to have a big dog. I am used to the little doglets. Currently, I also have Jubilee (my malti-poo) and Journey (my Chihuahua). When I first introduced Hope, they were wary of her but they welcomed her. Unbeknownst to them, that in just a few short weeks, (we have had her 6 weeks), she would turn into Ginormica, Godzilla, a Fantastic Beast and she is definitely not done growing. Everyday I look at her and think, “gee, you’ve had a growth spurt!”

I read somewhere that when they hit approximately 16 weeks of age, they start figuring out the packing order. I have seen it begin with my 10 year old Malti-poo and Hope (who is now 14 1/2 weeks). This Malti-poo will scold the Great Dane and send her running to her pillow – especially when Hope tries to get on the bed. I don’t think the Malti-poo has to worry about losing her position as the alpha female – not yet. Although…

Just last night – Jubilee and Hope both got their Bark Boxes with their treats. Early in the morning about midnight, I had to get up and go potty. I kept hearing Hope barking and barking in the living room. Something she usually doesn’t do. My daughter came upstairs and found Jubilee with one of the opened bag of treats and Hope was literally tattling on Jubilee. BARK BARK BARK – Jubilee is being naughty! BARK BARK BARK – Jubilee has the treats and is eating them all!! BARK BARK BARK I want treats too!!!

My Chihuahua, Journey is in love with her. She thinks she’s beautiful. Journey is also about to lose his “jewels” in a month or so. I can’t risk Hope going into heat and accidentally have Great Dane/Chihuahua mix puppies. What would they be called? Great Chidane’s? I can’t even imagine what they would like?! Although, Journey has always seemed like he wants to be a Great Dane, when he grows up. He’s more brave than Hope is. Hope comes running inside when she hears a dog barking in the neighborhood.


jubileejourneyandhopeJubilee, Journey and Hope (when Hope was still littleish)

Don’t get me wrong. This dog might seem like a handful – especially in the housebreaking department. But in other areas, she is simply delightful. She is doing so good at sitting, laying down, standing and rolling over. (Shout out to the Canine Coach for all the training. They are doing a remarkable job. I couldn’t raise a Great Dane without them). Ask her, how do you do, and she gives you her paw. She walks wonderfully on the leash. Rarely, does she bark or whine. She sleeps by my bed every night and sometimes during the afternoon. She hates to be alone. I hate when I have to leave her alone. She’s my baby girl. When I drop her off at puppy school and pick her up in the afternoon, she is so happy to see me. Our favorite time together is in the car on the way to and from school and puppy kindergarten. There is hope for Hope.

And look at those eyes. When she makes eye contact with me, my heart just melts. How can it not?




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