Hope, A Plan and a Goal Almost Reached

Sometimes, it’s hard to write a blog – especially when you have so much you want to write about. So I’ll write about three things in this blog. Hope, the Great Dane,  a plan, I have percolating around in my brain and my goal that I have almost reached.

Hope is doing awesome. I am still amazed at how fast she is growing and like any Great Dane owner, I am getting tired? annoyed? frustrated? at the comments such as: She’s going to be big. She’s going to be a small horse. You’re going to be able to saddle her. Look at the size of those paws!! Well duh people! She’s a Great Dane after all. I knew that when I bought her. That’s why I am really serious about her training. I DO NOT want a misbehaved Great Dane.

*****Note – Actually, her official name is Seriously Hope. We just call her Hope.******

I know she’s going to be big. She’s a giant size breed. I have done my research. Most items for large size pets only go up to 70 lbs. We will adapt with whatever we have to. That’s how it works. Even with all the large size dog beds I have laying around – she will still seek out one of the doglet’s beds – Journey or Jubilee’s – the malti-poo and the Chihuhua – and curl up in their bed.

I love her training and how it is going. (Kudos to the Canine Coach). She is learning so much. I took her over to a friends house so I could get in some crafting time. She played with my friends adult German Shepherd and did really well. When she was tired she came into the craft room and curled up on the dog bed and fell asleep. When I went out to load my bags in the car, my friend said she cried. I love her so much. I think we have bonded. Seriously, I think dropping her off at her dayschool twice a week, is harder on me than when my kids had to be dropped off at daycare or the babysitters. One of the really annoying things she does do, is bringing in sticks and mulching them up and leaving the mess all over the floor. Sigh.


Hope is 4 months old!!!



Hope and Journey size comparison.


  I have an idea!!! I want to start a monthly subscription box. Monthly subscription boxes are becoming quite popular.  I am percolating it around in my brain. I have an idea to do a crafting one using supplies from my booth at Willowstone. I have looked at all the scrapbooking monthly subscriptions and I am not really “impressed” by any of them. What would you like to see in a monthly subscription crafting box? I plan on putting paper, a stamp, ink, a tool and an idea card. Leave me a comment and let me know if you would be interested or what you would like to see included in a monthly subscription box.

Readers!!! I can’t believe it. Next week, I start up again with Lifetime Academy, after Spring Break is over, and then I only have two more months until I start my externship. I know I have learned a lot, but the thought of actually working with clients is putting butterflies in my stomach. I can’t believe it – only two more months away!!!

Well, that’s it for this blog. More of an update blog.

Take care all!!!

Thanks for reading.






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