Nutrition and I

I had to write this paper as a final assignment for my nutrition class in NASM nutrition module. I liked how it turned out and wanted to share it here. The struggle with nutrition is real folks.

I am sitting in Panera Bread as I write this paper and noticing that my nutrition habits have gotten way off track. Hopefully, writing this paper can get me back on the right track. I didn’t lose 115 pounds by eating whatever I wanted. I have gained back about 25 pounds by not being mindful of what I am eating. Life got stressful. I am struggling with anxiety and depression. I threw healthy eating habits out the window? How do I get back there? How do I get back to my first vision of losing weight and wanting to eat healthy? What recommendations would I give to myself to adjust my nutritional intake to improve my overall health.

All the rules in the book, from counting macronutrients, getting enough protein, no processed foods, natural sugars only, avoid gluten, dairy and eggs, cannot help if I am not prepared mentally. Losing the first 115 pounds went fairly easy. I was mentally prepared. Then I hit a plateau and weight stopped coming off. According to the Transtheoretical Model of Change, a conceptual model of how humans go about changing their behaviors, I reached the maintenance stage. Somewhere between contemplation and preparing for taking another action, I took a step backwards. I need to find a new way to meet my goal of weight loss.

As one fitness trainer told me, the first chapter of losing the 115 pounds is over, it’s time to write the second chapter. But how? I’m stuck. I try to tell myself, it’s only 40 more pounds to go. It should be easy, right? I do know that when I intake a lot of “junk” or “fast food”, I do not feel good. My gut issues, my allergies and my asthma all flare up. I literally feel miserable. I know one thing. I can never go back to being 300 pounds.

I can keep doing what I know to do. I have already made a lot of changes to get to where I am now. I still keep a food log (sometimes) and I know I should follow a nutrition plan. I know that I need to get inflammation under control again. I can juice more in order to get my daily required vegetable and fruit servings. Maybe, I should work with a nutritionist again? Having accountability always helped. I sometimes miss the accountability from my nutritionist, but she moved. It’s hard to lose weight when you feel like you are doing it on your own.

I take supplements. I currently take Omega 3’s, to help with inflammation, multi-vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzyme, Vegan Max protein powder, branched chain amino acid complex, and L-glutamine. Supplements are helpful, but sometimes supplements can get in the way of just eating healthy. I have recently purchased the Gut-Fix program through Lifetime Fitness. Illness, struggling with depression and anxiety and lot of tummy issues prompted me to try this program. It’s amazing to me how much of our health is connected to how healthy our gut is.

Now to get motivated to use the program. I haven’t technically started. I downloaded the guide. I guess it’s time to do away with the excuses like: Life keeps getting in the way and sit down and make a plan, find someone to hold me accountable and then JUST DO IT! (sorry Nike). The program is only for 30 days. I can do this. Who knows? Maybe I will lose some weight – even if was just five pounds. Five pounds?! That would get me motivated!!!

If you are interested in doing the Gut-Fix program with me. Let me know in the comments below or email me at and I get one ordered for you! You do not have to be a member of Lifetime to use the program.






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