Motivation – making yourself  get up and getting whatever you need to do – done. Accomplished. Finished.

Not always easy – especially when you are feeling unmotivated.

I have found that there are two well meaning phrases that people tell me when they are trying to make me feel motivated – that will send me diving back under the covers, to pull them over my head and shut out the world.

First phrase – Just Do It! ErrrrrMerGerd! When I am feeling unmotivated – I do not want to hear – just do it! Just do what? What I really want to do? Which is nothing? I can do nothing at all, right now, really easy. I don’t want to run. I don’t want to work out. I just want to go back to bed and sleep the day away and eat Concrete Mixers from Culvers all day. Just do it? Oh, Puhleeeeze. Sorry, Nike. No offense but maybe, I just don’t want to do it today. Did I say I was feeling unmotivated?

Second phrase – You’ve got this! Really?! What is it you think I’ve got? Seriously? I have had many people walk by me in the gym and tell me this exact thing. You’ve got this! Right when I am struggling under a 150 lb hang clean. You’ve got this! I do? Cuz I don’t at this particular moment feel like I do. I feel like I’m about ready to drop this freakingly heavy weight. Or when I’m on my 45th out of 50 Burpees. You’ve got this!!!!! And they say it so cheerfully and you really want to stand up and wipe their goofy grin off their face. You want to yell out after them – Would you like to take my place!!!!

Okay – so the one phrase that really does get me motivated and I have to ask this to myself over and over again throughout the day. I find it does keep me motivated – even though, I don’t feel like I’ve got it or want to do it. This phrase is – How bad do you want it? Man. I want it bad. I want to lose the last 50 pounds. I want to be a fitness trainer. I want to run again. I want to be successful as a Creative Therapist. I want it!! And if I want it bad enough, I will somehow, on the worst, unmotivated days ever, headache blaring, gut in a turmoil,  get out of bed and find the strength I need to take action, to help me accomplish my goals and fulfill my passions and dreams. How bad do you want it – Debbie? Bad enough to just do it and tell myself, I’ve got this!

NOW! Go out there and get it!!!!

Thanks for reading.

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