Journal Compilations of Positively, Debbie #2 – Bucket List and Commitments

   Blog Post #3 – My second compilation from my journals – from when I first started my fitness, weight loss and healthy living journey. I think it’s important to have a bucket list. A bucket list keeps you motivated and motivation fuels commitment.

My Bucket List

  • write a mystery novel and get it published
  • go full time RVing
  • own a tiny house community and live in one
  • make another CD
  • have my own TV show
  • Start my own brick and mortar craft store
  • lose 100+ lbs – (I did this)
  • Become an ordained minister
  • Become a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist and life coach
  • Start my own fitness, healthy living and creative therapy studio
  • Be a foster parent
  • Win a 5k
  • Run an ultra
  • Hike the Applachian Trail from start to finish
  • Travel to Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark
  • Own two standard poodles

What’s on your bucket list?

About Commitment

What does commitment mean to me?

To me it means “no matter what.” Rather than being dependent on results to keep me on track, I will work on keeping my motivation strong. Results will follow. I won’t. I can’t blame circumstances or other people for my struggles. Instead, I will eat healthy and exercise in spite of not having enough money, time, support, (Insert your excuse here).

What does commitment meant to you in your journey of fitness and healthy living?

FYI!!! Did you know a McDonalds cheeseburger has 300 calories and a small fry has 380 calories. What????? Puts things into perspective – when you look at the nutritional info.

     People who are committed to their fitness and healthy living journey

  • stick with their plan – no matter what….(Even when they are mad at their fitness trainer)
  • take action whether they feel like it or not
  • know that if they keep themselves motivated – results will follow
  • take responsibility for their own actions
  • keep going in spite of challenges or set backs


Every day I will take a few steps that will move me forward even if I don’t feel like it – when I’m truly committed – I will do it anyways.


Challenge Issued – Make your dinner a high protein meal – even if you don’t eat meat. Share in a comment what you had.

Seriously, going back and reading through my journals and compiling them all together is helping me a lot – I really needed to read about commitment again. My motivation has been lagging the past couple of daysbut I’m gonna stick with it!!!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Leave me a comment and tell me how committed are you to doing your fitness and healthy living journey?

And I’ll remain







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