This Week in Pictures

Blog Post #6 –  This is my week. It was a pretty good week. I realized that just going cold turkey into veganism – will not quite work for me – for some people it may, but this is going to have to be a gradual change. I started Monday and by Wednesday, I was so hangry…. let’s just say, I did not get a good work out in. But I am trying to include more veggies in my diet and cutting back on meat. This was tonight’s dinner, no meat – just salad: baby head of romaine, Brussel sprouts, grape tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers. Yum!


I sold my couch and love seat. I met with the real estate agent this week and he brought a handyman so we can get an estimate on how much it’s gonna cost to get the house fixed up and ready to sell. My job is to get the decluttering and packing done so we can stage the house. Next step, listing it. Look how much bigger my living room looks without furniture… I’ve got a lot of work to get done…but I am so ready for a bigger house. We have outgrown this one. The empty nest? A myth. A complete myth. They come back.


I wanted to sleep in this morning, but as usual the Great Dane came in and wanted me to get up to feed her breakfast. I told her to lay down and she did….plop…. right on top of me…. Okay, Hope, I’ll get up…. Ahhhhh, life with a Great Dane.


A friend posted this on her Facebook and I don’t know why, but it made me laugh. I guess when you think of what Beachbody is (a weight-loss, fitness program) – this is just a hoot.


And finally, my inspiration to you. It was a good week this week, but it was rough for a few days. There were a few days this week, I wanted to just quit going to the gym, quit fitness, quit eating healthy. I was in a bad mood. I felt hungry, angry, my ankle hurt and my sunburn itched. I was tired of “following” all the nutrition rules. But I got up and went to the gym anyways. Tuesday and Wednesdays, my workouts were not very good but Thursday, I rocked it and did 5 miles on the recumbent bike with my boot on. Today, I did 200 ab crunches, 50 deadlifts and 50 chest presses. I least I ended the week with a bang!



Never, ever, ever give up… keep hanging in there.


Positively, Debbie.


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