Being Positive

So much is going on in my life right now. Being a total gym rat, at the gym 5 days a week, then having ankle surgery on Friday and having to be totally non weight bearing on my right ankle, which is in a cast for the time being – is making it really hard to be or want to be positive. I have wanted to break down and cry so many times since Friday – the pain from the ankle scope and the tendon repair has been intense – to say the least.


I am realizing that being positive has to be a total mind change. A true change in the way I think. Here are 10 things I am doing to help me stay positive.

1. Keeping it topmost in my mind that is only temporary. I will get the cast off on September 28th. I will go into a boot for three weeks and then I will get to start physical therapy. By January, I can be up and running again.  My goal is to run a half-marathon in 2018.

     2.  I can focus in on launching my business sometime next year – Positive Journeys in Fitness, Healthy Living and Creativity. I can use this time to schedule my NASM exams to get my fitness training certification and to study, study, study.

3. I can use this time to reflect and research on building my businesses in fitness training, running my booth at Willowstone and getting customers and building a team for my Stampin Up business.

4. I can hone my nutrition habits and increase my veggie intake, drink more water and remember to take my supplements: Omega 3’s, multivitamin, Tendon 88, and probiotics.

5. I can read more. My goal is to read one non-fiction book every week. Books that help me grow as a person, help me grow my business and biographies. I love biographies.

6. I can concentrate more on blogging and You Tube videos…which will help me build my business through social media marketing.

7. Using crutches and having to scoot myself up and down stairs is keeping me fit. It is definitely a good cardio and tricep workout.

8. I sold my house in one day – for well over asking price and put in an offer for a new one. I can browse Pinterest for ideas on how I want to decorate and design my new home. I really want gray hardwood floors.

9. I have time to craft and finish projects.

10. I feel like at the end of this recovery – I will come out a better person.

The tears may come, and there are days I may feel miserable and ready to tear the cast off (today is one of those days) – I really hope my knee walker arrives today – I think it will be better than using the crutches. Through it all I will remain:



How do you stay positive in the midst of adversity?




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