No More Excuses – I’ve Gotta Get It Done! (Join Me As I Make a Coffee Theme Pocket Letter)

Day 3 – #Write31Days – Challenges… How do you like to challenge yourself to meet your goals in writing, fitness, nutrition and finishing projects? One thing, that helps me feel like I am on the road to healthy, is getting my projects finished. Having undone projects makes me feel overwhelmed and unmotivated.

Today, my goal is to get this coffee themed pocket letter done, which, I should of had finished before the end of September… and I didn’t. I could give all kinds of excuses, (some valid… some not so much)…. but excuses, are just that…excuses. The fact of it is, I didn’t get it done and it was for a swap. Now, I have to humble myself and explain to the person whom I was sending it to that I am truly sorry for it being late. My valid excuse was, I had surgery on my ankle on September 1st and was in a cast until September 28th. My not so valid excuse… I really didn’t feel like going down the stairs and working on it. Going down the stairs on crutches took a lot of work!!!! and truth be told… I was feeling kinda lazy!  Could I have done it? Probably…with a lot of effort. I just didn’t want to put in the effort.

One of my favorite sayings is: If it matters, you make the time. If it doesn’t matter, you make the excuses. 

Anyways, no more excuses. I can’t keep making them… (that would make a good 31 Day blog series… one excuse everyday for 31 days : ) )

No more excuses for eating out, forgetting to drink enough water, and eating the processed, full of sugar, Hershey minatures! (Man! I love those itty bitty chocolate bars this time of year).


Here’s the Pocket Letter..

First, I grab a 9 Pocket Page protector. I get them at Walmart or Target in the baseball card/collector card section. They are pretty cheap. $2.50 a package or less.


Then I choose my papers that I am going to use. For this Pocket Letter, I used three papers from the Stampin Up Coffee Café Designer Papers.


I cut the paper 2 1/2″ X 3 1/2″ to fit in the pockets. I accidently cut the blue chevron paper too small so I add to use some spicy orange cardstock as a background. Oops. But I didn’t stress about it! I just fixed it.


Then I start decorating my pocket letter. I always like to start with the first pocket saying Hello!!!


Then I finish decorating…this process can be TIME CONSUMING! Since I wanted to get it done, I kept it fairly simply.


Finally, I will add my little goodies to the backside…stuff like Washi Tape, a Ghiradelli chocolate square, some bits of ribbon, a tiny plastic bag with mini paperclips, rhinestones, and clothespins, maybe some sticky notes, who knows? Oh and a letter of course! Hopefully, I’ll get a new pocket letter pal : )

I’ll do that tomorrow though…. Now, I am tired and want to go eat dinner… uh-oh! Was that an excuse???

If you would like to swap a pocket letter – leave me a comment and let me know what theme you would like to do.

And accountability wise? How has your day been? I made it to the gym… but my nutrition has been less than ideal today… I went to Chick Fil A for lunch.

OH well – tomorrow is another day!!!

I’ll leave you with a quote by Christmas Abbot, from her Facebook post today…

“Setbacks are NOT failures! In fact, you should embrace them – making mistakes but relentlessly moving forwards is what creates a true badass!”

Until Tomorrow

Positively, Debbie



5 thoughts on “No More Excuses – I’ve Gotta Get It Done! (Join Me As I Make a Coffee Theme Pocket Letter)

  1. Lucien says:

    There’s a real dopamine hit from finishing projects that shouldn’t be discounted. 🙂 And going downstairs on crutches is EXHAUSTING. Been there. Done that. NOPE.

    I actually think ” one excuse everyday for 31 days” would make a hilarious challenge. I may need to take up that gauntlet for next year.

    Your fabric choices are adorable. This makes me miss quilting so much!


  2. Dr. Mon says:

    Thanks for sharing the process. I’ve already heard of pocket letters and seen the images but was still clueless on the making of them. Yay to you for finishing!


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