Scared and Brave

Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.

Honestly, today wasn’t a good day. My ankle is really hurting today. I think I was on it too much yesterday and today, it has been really achy. (It’s also been a rainy day). Just an FYI – for those who don’t know – I tore my peroneal tendon and cartilage in my ankle. September 1st, I had surgery. September 26th, I got my cast off. Currently, I am in a boot…I can walk, but only in the boot. Otherwise, it’s non-weight bearing. My ankle is still very bruised and sore. I get the boot off October 19th  and then I start physical therapy. I hope it’s not painful. I have a low threshold of pain.

The whole month of September, on crutches, was like an Insanity workout. The boot is much better, except when I take it off. I least I can be mobile and I can drive. I made it out tonight to go to my Stampin Up demonstrators meeting. When I left to come home, I felt the beginning of panic attack. The fog had rolled in and it was drizzling. Whenever, I drive, I have to take my boot off and put my slipper on and hope and pray that nobody stops fast. I try to drive slower than normal so everybody will pass me – but with the rain and low visibility, I started to feel, quite frankly, scared. A few brief moments, I really, really, wanted somebody to be there to drive me. Then I shook it off and told myself I could do it and I drove home. I made it okay…Stupid thing to be scared of huh?


I got two cards made today.


The first one I made – using a Swoosh technique with the ink pad and layering three layers of white on Blackberry Bliss cardstock.  The leaf I stamped using a Stamp from the Paper Pumpkin and using the thumping technique. I added a belly band – since that was part of the challenge for the Stampin Up demo meeting


I didn’t have red and yellow paper, so I used orange and purple… but my daughter was watching Harry Potter in her room, and I saw the Spooky Cat Stamp Set from Stampin Up and the witches hat stamp… and all I could think was Hmmmmmm? Griffindor? or HufflePuff? So this is my Harry Potterish theme card that I designed.

So…… a vote!!!! Which card would you like to see me do a video tutorial of? I will post it in tomorrow’s blog.

And if anyone is interested in ordering from Stampin Up see my website at

All for now… Stay true… Stay strong…Stay brave.

Positively, Debbie

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