With a Purpose

This topic has been on my brain for a few days now… with a purpose. I had asked in my Facebook group, (Positive Journeys – Fitness, Healthy Living and Creative Coaching) – what were the challenges that people had in crafting. I guess you could carry that question over to what are the challenges that you have in any area – fitness, healthy or crafting?

Some of the answers I got was having enough time and figuring out what to do…how to get started, how to choose the right materials –

The challenge of figuring out what to do really stuck with me – What is the process for starting something new? Now, this person was talking more about the process of starting a new craft project, such as a card. But delving deeper into the question – I think we can ask what is the process for starting anything new? A new craft project? A new healthy habit? A new fitness program? Buying a new house? Buying a new car? Getting a new dog?

…and I think the answer can be found in that one single word – purpose. What is your purpose when starting a new craft project? What is your purpose for starting a new healthy habit? What is your purpose for buying a new house?

Purpose defined means – the reason for which something is done or exists.

Purpose is asking your why. You can have all the goals in the world and take all the action steps you could imagine…but if you don’t have a purpose or an answer to why you are trying to accomplish something  – then the end results may eventually happen but it’s going to take a long time.

When I start a new craft project, even if it’s a card – I ask myself, what is the purpose for making this? Is it to sell, give away, or swap with somebody? What is it for? A birthday, a card challenge, or some other event? I find that if I don’t have a purpose when starting a craft project, I don’t finish it to completion. It also keeps me from buying unnecessary crafting supplies – which I don’t really need.

We are in the process of selling our old house and purchasing a new one and today while packing – I had to keep my purpose (my why) at the forefront – because, this packing, is literally overwhelming and seriously? IF I didn’t have a purpose in mind…I would’ve thrown up my hands in despair and given up the whole idea of moving. The purpose though? This house we are in is way too small, I need a place where I can start my crafting business, and I want this house to be the house we leave to our kids and grandkids.

Same way for healthy living and fitness. What is your purpose? What is the purpose behind starting a weight loss or fitness program. For me it was to gain back my health, feel more confident. My purpose for becoming a fitness trainer? I want to inspire and teach others how to lose weight and become fit. I want to help people figure out their WHY.

So whatever you do in life – Do it with PURPOSE! Craft with a purpose. Buy with a purpose. Live with a purpose… You are not alone… I’m here for ya!!! Thanks for reading

Positively, Debbie

This picture was to cute… I had to post it. This is my Malti-Poo – Jubilee. I was packing blankets in a trunk and she climbed in.



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