This Week in Pictures

Day 6 – #Write31Days – Fridays, I will share my week in pictures.

This is what happened today. I got my hair cut and colored… I love the coppery lowlights and highlights I got in my hair… I feel very Autumny




Not too bad… Tuesday, I am going back to my hairdresser she is going to give me a free shampoo – then French Braid my hair… I’ll get it done a couple of times a week until I’m out of the boot and get medical clearance to put weight on my foot. I love my hair dresser!!!


This has been most of my week thus far… Packing. I’m beginning to feel surrounded by boxes. Ugggghhhh. The move will be so worth it though. I can’t wait!!


Could this dog pick any better time to go into heat!!! Nope… she waits til right before we move. Seriously, Hope? (that is her actual name though – Seriously Hope) I love my Great Dane. She will be 11 months old on Sunday. Journey, my Chihuahua is next to her…He’s not fixed. There is no way – right? I still put her in her crate at night though. I can’t take any chances. Have there ever been any ChiDanes?

First Day at LTA

My Flashback Friday picture. This is the first day I started my fitness trainer training at Lifetime Academy. I am definitely not your Barbie doll fitness trainer – but I do love fitness…


Aren’t you glad? I love this season!!! It’s the beginning of the holiday season. The weather is cooling off and all is well. Day

Well, that’s all for now.

Catch ya tomorrow? I have no idea what I’m going to write about tomorrow.

I’ll stay

Positively, Debbie



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