7 Excuses in 7 Days

Day 7 – #Write31Days


Okay here are 7 excuses that I came up with this week – but I have overcame everyone – it wasn’t easy – but I did it!!!

Day One – This challenge of writing a blog everyday for 31 days is going to be way too hard! I should just give up now

Day Two – My blog idea sounds stupid and I don’t think I have enough content…

Day Three – Other bloggers are so much better at this than I am.

Day Four – I am not feeling well. (My ankle was really hurting all day)

Day Five – Seriously, I do not have time for this. (If it matters you make the time…)

Day Six – I’m running out of things to write about… This was so not planned out.

Day Seven – I’ve been packing and shopping all day…. I am sooooooo tired and it’s soooooo late!

Tomorrow I will blog a story about how I learned to overcome excuses…. Stay tuned.

But tonight, dear readers, I am keeping it short and simple…

What excuses have you made this week and overcame?

Goodnight all

Positively, Debbie


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