On Happiness and Planners

Hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone and the New Year of 2018 is upon us!! I am excited for what this New Year has to bring. Last year, I really dived into focusing on my One Little Word for the Year (alieedwards.com). My word was Focus… and I really learned a lot about goal setting, planning and taking the action steps to get my goals accomplished.

3 major things I accomplished this year

  1. I finished Lifetime Academy – the school I went to, to prepare me to take my NASM exam to become a certified fitness trainer.
  2. I sold our old house and bought a new one.
  3. I had ankle surgery and was non-weight bearing for 8 weeks – but I didn’t gain any weight… that’s huge people!!

This year, I have made the choice to use the word Happy for my One Little Word of 2018. Happy – because no matter what goals I accomplish, or what action steps I take… I need to find the joy  and the happiness in what I do.

I can’t depend on anyone else for my happiness. So, I will be exploring… where does my happiness come from? God? Myself? Others? In what I do? All of the Above? Does happiness just happen or do you have to always try for it? How can I stay happy? Is happy the cure for depression?



Anyways, at the close of the year… my thoughts turn to needing someplace to document all my thoughts, ideas and action steps to help me achieve next years goals.

I have decided to stick with the Passion Planner. I love the Rose Gold full size one.  I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with my Passion Planner. I started using one in full force this past year. It has been awesome for goal setting, keeping track of my schedule, appointments and action steps for the day. I also use it to keep track of when my bills are due and what I have spent. I love it! I always get the bigger size planner since it fits everything in it.




I still like my journals and I find myself being drawn more and more into bullet journaling… Some of the things I keep track of in my journal are:

  • workouts
  • foods I’ve eaten
  • menus
  • habit trackers –
  • what I need to order from Stampin Up and Chalk Couture positivelydebbie.stampinup.net positive journeys.chalkcouture.com
  • blog and blog post ideas
  • books I’ve read and want to read
  • The 12 Commandments of Debbie (which I rewrite every year)
  • birthdays and cards I need to make
  • gift ideas
  • projects I need to make and the supplies needed
  • Daily 3’s – gratitudes, goals, and action steps
  • and rough drafts of my blog posts

There are probably more – but these are the main items I return to time and time again.

Now I just need to find myself a good journal to use this year. If you have any recommendations leave them in a comment…

Last, I like to use a little mini calendar that I can throw into my purse or gym bag to help me keep track of stuff that I might forget – until I can transfer it my Passion Planner. I also like to add a few quick lines about my day… I think I found one at Michaels that I like.

What planners, journals, calendars do you like to use?

If you were going to choose a word for the year to focus on – what would it be?

Leave me your comments!

Thanks for reading

I’ll remain,

Positively, Debbie.



6 thoughts on “On Happiness and Planners

  1. Dennise says:

    Well another thing we have in common you got the Rose Gold, and I got the Golden Dream Passion Planner for 2018 lol. I also do journaling to keep track of things as well as prayers and giving thanks. This year I am using Oswald Chambers My Utmost For His Highest journal as a combination journal and daily devotional. I read a quote about happiness and I can’t remember it exactly but it said something to the effect of Happiness Doesn’t Make Us Grateful; Gratitude Makes Us Happy that’s something to think about in your happiness journey.


  2. Bill Chance says:

    I’m working on my goals and paperwork for 2018. I’m going to use a standard bullet journal for goals and ideas – but I’m going to try a loose leaf bullet journal system for my daily planning. That way I can move pages around and have room to write properly.

    Cool entry, thanks for sharing.


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