10 Reasons Why You Should Join Chalk Couture

I started listing the reasons you should join Chalk Couture on my video – but then my video ran out… so I am going to list them here.

10 reasons why I think YOU should JOIN Chalk Couture –

  1. You are a crafter and love to make pretty things and if you are a non-crafter, I can teach you how to make pretty things. 
  2. Chalk Couture is a newer business. It was opened up for designers to join in the summer of 2017. To learn more about how it began visit here: chalkcouture.com/our-story
  3. For $99 you can join Chalk Couture and start living your Happily Ever After – doing what you love – building a business and crafting.
  4. You are allowed to carry inventory that you can purchase with a 40% discount. (I don’t know any other Direct Sales companies that you can do that with – well not many)
  5. Anytime someone buys something from you – you get a 25% commission
  6. For every $200 in personal volume that you sell you get $20 in credits. 
  7. Chalk Couture is so very versatile – you can use it on just about anything – chalkboards, wood, glass, fabric, canvas, burlap, your walls, your oven – etc. etc.
  8. You get the monthly Chalk Couture transfer one month in advance…ie: in January – we got a Valentined theme transfer
  9. You can set up your own website for people to shop from – PositiveJourneys.chalkcouture.com
  10. It’s fun and relaxing and you can decorate your home with home decor that you have made.

Alright 11 – You get this really cool apron with the Chalk Couture logo on it…. I love aprons.

So….. what are you waiting for?

While you contemplate and then take action here is another Chalk Couture video I have done…

Leave me a comment if you join or want more information.

If you join, I will send you a personal thank you gift.

Positively, Debbie

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