My First DIY Scrapbook Kit – Feb 2018 Project – Flutterby Dolores

So…. recently, I have decided that I am going to put my main energies and focus into my booth at Willowstone.  – (Booth#78) –  building up my inventory with lots of crafts and homemade home decor. – So stay tuned for more projects using an eclectic supply of various brands including Stampin Up and Chalk Couture.

I was given this project to do for a friend of mine – who had a 91 year old friend who recently passed away. I almost passed on this opportunity – (I kept thinking – I scrapbook dead people). I am glad, I didn’t pass this opportunity by – because by scrapbooking the remembrance letters people wrote to her and looking at her pictures – I saw a happy, vibrant, positive lady. She loved to sing and she loved to smile. She was always smiling in all of her pictures. I think she taught me a few lessons – always keep smiling and live life to the fullest.

I also thought it was a good opportunity to go ahead and curate my first scrapbooking kit from my stash. (My friend had also bought me some supplies – like the butterflies). I thought it was interesting that there is a hospice in town that puts a butterfly on the door when someone passes.

Do that for me okay? Release a bunch of butterflies at my funeral and watch them flutterby as they wing their way to heaven.

I love that!

I hope the receivers of the scrapbooks (her daughters) – find them to be special.

RIP Dolores – I didn’t know you – but know I kinda feel I do.

Enjoy the video of my first DIY scrapbook kit. I will blog the pictures of the finished scrapbooks later in the week.

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