I Fired Myself Today (but not in a bad way)

At first I was offended when my trainer said to fire myself. “Fire myself?,” I thought, “How rude, how pretentious, how condescending… Why would I want to do that? What does that even mean? Fire myself?” I had been a bit snippy and not wanting to put full effort into my work out. And maybe, I had been complaining a wee bit…. Ok – a lot!!! But Still!!!

I talked to my life/business coach that same day – and griping to her about what my trainer told me. She said, “Wait a minute. Take a step back. Firing yourself might not be a bad thing.” She then asked, “Why does someone get fired?” 

And the answer I came up with is – “most of the times for under performing, not doing the work well, refusing to obey orders from the employer, not showing up…” 

She then asked, “If you were your own employer – would you hire yourself? Would you be getting the results you needed.” Ouch!!! And that is when it hit me – Positively Debbie hasn’t been very positive lately.

Unless you count positively negative and I positively can’t do it as being positive? No??? I didn’t think so…

Yep, I needed a mindset change. Seems like I need them a lot.

So, I was given the task of writing my own job description.


Personal Trainer/Healthy Living Coach and Crafting Consultant Needed – 


  • Somebody who has the passion to change lives forever and for the better.
  • Somebody who help others achieve their fitness and health goals through motivation and education
  • Somebody who could live by example in eating healthy and working out – Practice what they preach.
  • Somebody who wants to create beautiful things and inspire others to develop that same passion
  • Somebody who is consistent in their work and not letting emotions manage their schedule.
  • Somebody who can be flexible to change
  • Somebody who others can look up to as a leader
  • Somebody who doesn’t complain when the work gets hard. (It can be hard to keep motivation going when your whole body hurts after a workout – but a trainer must have motivation – she has to keep herself and her clients going.
  • Somebody who can communicate well – assess, discuss, motivate and teach – listening is very important.
  • Somebody who can remember that it is all about the Positive Journey. Step by step, moment by moment.
  • Somebody who can accept criticism and understand that not everybody is going to like them and be OK with that.
  • Somebody who is not too pushy or strong – headed and stubborn.
  • Somebody who can remember that their body is their business card – therefore it is vital to eat a proper, healthy diet and not a diet based on Chick Fil A and Starbucks.
  •  Somebody who can be enthusiastic because it is enthusiasm that overcomes the excuse of I can’t! 

Well… Thats the job description, I would write for myself to become my own boss…. and to live my Happily Ever After.

What would your job description be?

Leave me a comment

and I will stay




































Somebody who is crafting not just for her own gain but to help encourage and inspire others.

One thought on “I Fired Myself Today (but not in a bad way)

  1. dmarier7377 says:

    Things that we all need to remember, and that we need friends that will remind us as well. Thanks for the reminder, I’ve had some issues of my own lately as well and it is nice to know we are not alone even when we fell like we are.

    Love Ya Girl


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