42 Days til Christmas – Hopes Birthday

Today is Hopes 2nd birthday!! Two already! I have to say – two years has not only gone by fast – they went like the speed of light. – During the holiday season we celebrate Hope’s birthday, my birthday, my sons birthday and mine and my husbands anniversary. Plus Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We don’t usually go all out for the dogs birthday. But she does get special treats all day – like maybe a Puppacino from Starbucks and a car trip to PetsMart or PetCo.

2 years of raising a Great Dane! And I am hooked on Great Danes!

Here are some random facts about Hope:


  1. When we got her she weighed 15 pounds and could fit comfortably on a large size dog pillow!


2. Now she pretty much takes up the whole love seat!


3. Her best bud is a Chihuahua – named Journey


4. She does not like wearing hats


5. She loves when her Papa comes home!

Hope as tall as me

6. When she stands she is as tall as I am – and I’m 5′ 7″


7. Going into heat was not fun! She was so embarrassed. Thank God we got her fixed in April. (BTW – the fruit of the loom boxers did not work)

Hope and me

8. Hope will always be my best friend!


9. Hope says – It’s time to go celebrate her birthday….

Silly Hope

10. I love this dog!!!

How do you celebrate your pets birthday?

Now enjoy a video of a remarkable dog named Hope –

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