41 Days til Christmas – Planning Ahead

Plan Ahead and Be Prepared. This is going to be my mantra in the days leading up to Christmas and the end of the 60 Day Challenge at the gym. 

I am finding that if I don’t plan ahead – I fall miserably off the wagon of eating healthy. 

If I don’t plan ahead as to what I am buying for Christmas presents and for whom – I go exceedingly far, above and beyond any budget that I might have established.

Planning for me is crucial. My brain is all over the place if I don’t have a plan of what is coming up. I feel very overwhelmed and overwhelmed leads to anxiety attacks, which leads to depression. Planning helps me multi-task. 

For nutrition – I like to plan out my menu for the week. Write my shopping list and food prep as much as possible. When I do this, I am less tempted to eat out because I will have food waiting on me at home or I can bring it with me. 

When I plan for Christmas – I like to make a list of the people I am buying presents for and approximately, how much I will spend on their gift. If I am going to do a handmade gift, I need to start gathering supplies and getting them made in October. 

Planning ahead and being prepared isn’t always easy…. trust me. What’s that well known quote – “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” But for me – most of the time, planning keeps me on the straight and narrow. 

What are some ways you plan ahead and stay prepared for nutrition and the holidays? 

Share your thoughts, ideas and comments… I would love to read them. 

And now – grab a cup of tea, or coffee and watch a video about the planners that I have tried this year – some I’ve liked and some not so much. Watch and see which planner I have decided to stick with for 2019. 

There is a giveaway at the end of the video

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Thank you! Appreciate all of you

I’ll remain

Positively, Debbie.

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