2 Days Until Christmas – Christmas Eve, Eve

Two days until Christmas – the hustle and bustle of all the shopping, baking, wrapping presents, decorating, crafting and party going is winding down. It’s been a fun month – hectic in the retail world but very profitable, for me and my little booth. I feel extremely blessed.

Now, as I begin to unwind – I can finally stop and start to reflect on why do we celebrate Christmas? I look at all the wrapped presents under the tree and sure – it’s going to be fun on Christmas morning…. but the true gift – is my family and my friends. Take all the presents away – and Christmas, would still be Christmas – if I have my family and my friends. It’s the love, support and encouragement, we give to each other, throughout the year – wrapped up in the Nativity Scene with a big red bow.

It’s Jesus, who gave us the gift of family and friends. I was watching the movie, The Star, earlier this month. There was a scene where Joseph had already wed Mary and he didn’t realize until after they were wed – that she was pregnant. No wonder it would have been so horrendous for him to have put her away – for him to have called adultery on her. They were already married. She would’ve been stoned to death.

I can’t imagine the emotions she had to have gone through. And Joseph? What was going in his mind? Thank goodness – he listened to the angel, sent by God. He must’ve truly loved Mary. Jesus was born into a family – where mom and dad, had to endure a lot, but they truly loved each other.

This Christmas – both my mom and dad are gone. They are celebrating Christmas in heaven. But it is because of them – I have a family. I have a loving husband, awesome kids, a potential new son-in-law with a grandchild as an added bonus. Plus – my two precious grandchildren – who probably don’t know just how much their Grandma loves them. I have a great sister and three terrific brothers – whom I love dearly. (Me and my sister will celebrate Ephiphany – but that’s for another blog)

I don’t know – whom you will be spending Christmas with this year. Maybe, it’s just you by yourself. Maybe you are missing a loved one this year. I know this – wherever, you are and whomever you are with, just know that the baby – born on Christmas Day, who is the Savior of the World, is right there with you – surrounding you with Love and Peace.

And that – to me – is what Christmas is all About – Love and Peace…

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Positively, Debbie






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