Dtox Journey – Day 3 – Addicted to Sugar and Withdrawals…

Did you know, according to science, sugar can be just as addictive as drugs and alcohol? Studies show that the average, daily intake of sugar for some people is 95g or more. The recommended daily intake should be 36g for males, 20g for females and 12g for kids. That’s not a whole lot of sugar. But…sugar is in everything… EVERY. LITTLE. THING.

Like, right now, as I write this… I am so craving a grape soda…. I want one bad!!! And I keep thinking about Chick-Fil-A! I could just get a salad with grilled chicken right?

So, I am reading this article called Sugar Addiction: Facts and Figures. So far out of their list of withdrawal symptoms, I have: cravings, lack of energy, headaches, muscle pains (which may or may not be from the workout my fitness trainer gave me), and tummy troubles. They list 9 symptoms….I have five. And one thing they didn’t list is, today…. I feel GRUMPY!!

Apparently, my insulin levels are trying to readjust – The article says, “Within hours after stopping sugar consumption, your body’s hormone levels will start to change. Your insulin levels will start to decrease and allow your body to burn stored fats for energy. After a few days, your triglycerides and lipid levels will start to decrease and your taste buds will crave less sugar to feel satisfied.”  

Well, at least there is a science to it… Although, its been three days and this is probably the worst day ever. I just want to go curl up in bed. And my taste buds are screaming for sugar and carbs!!!! I keep standing on the scale waiting for 5 pounds to magically drop off. (Hasn’t happened yet). My trainer said I should start to feel better in a week to ten days… THERE IS HOPE!!!

I have been trying to satisfy the sugar cravings with fruit and almond butter.

Well… it’s lunch time… I am going to go make my salad… I am feeling hungry. And then I am going to put together a scrapbook layout…

Positively, (craving pizza), Debbie

Sigh…. I can do this… I can do this… I can do this…

By the way – in a Fanta Grape Soda there is 48g of sugar!!! Thats like a daily consumption for 2 1/2 days… geez…


I made a lettuce wrap sandwich for my Dtox lunch and put together an 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook layout for the #52Favorites Challenge by PaperIssues. 

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