Dtox – First Week Down

I am beginning to figure out that writing everyday is too much… I am just to busy… but if I make it a commitment to write at least once a week,  I can do that!

I made it through the first week of Dtox... and it’s true! After the initial withdrawal symptoms wore off… I felt good. Not great yet, but a whole lot better. I have a lot more energy during my workouts. I have a lot more energy during the day. My tummy isn’t feeling as rumbly and grumbly as it did. The brain fog is beginning to lift and I am thinking clearer.

Amazing – what giving up gluten, dairy, eggs and sugar can do for a person.

I still get cravings – but they aren’t as intense. My mindset is beginning to change and I can tell myself – I don’t need it…. I don’t even really want it.

I’m beginning to realize that with all of my gut issues and health issues, (asthma, pre-diabetic, etc.) – making the Dtox nutrition guidelines will have to become a part of me…  who I am, what I do…my lifestyle. Call it Keto, Paleo, Whole Food Plant Based, Dtox – all of those nutrition programs follow the same pattern… eat meat in moderation, mostly veggie, some fruit.  Some modifications in each program but basically – EAT CLEAN. NO SUGAR! NO PROCESSED FOODS!!!

The first week of Dtox – I got into a routine of eating. Smoothie in the morning. Protein snack after workout. Salad with chicken for lunch. Protein and veggies for snack in the afternoon and Meat and Veggies for dinner. It’s working for me!

I do believe routine is essential to any nutrition program working successfully. Plan Ahead and Be Prepared.

Results of one week on DTOX! I am down 1 pound and 1 % of body fat!!!

Whoot whoot!!!

So what does the next week hold?

  1. More chicken and veggies
  2.  More smoothies with protein
  3. Find some more recipes that fit Dtox guidelines. (If you have any – please share them with me. I will make it and do a review)
  4. Keep avoiding the bread aisle at the grocery store and the bakery section. 
  5. Keep to the no gluten, no dairy, no eggs, no processed food.
  6. Get my appointment set up to get my glucose levels and triglycerides tested. 

Pictures From the 1st Week


Just because it is made from cauliflower – doesn’t mean it’s not going to taste like cauliflower. (I personally didn’t like these) I’m sorry but mashed cauliflower, riced cauliflower, and cauliflower pizza crusts and pretzels, still taste like cauliflower. 

My hikes I went on this week. I need my hikes to help me in fat burning. One hike around Quail Lake and the other around Fountain Creek Regional Park and trails. I love the mountains and the lakes.


Hope says hi….


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