Mostly, Vegan (Meat Fasting) – The 2nd Chapter

First of all… to any of my friends who are or were vegan… I apologize for ever making fun of you. I am now at the point where I am realizing that for a season… or a lifetime… I must fast from meat.

(Boom…Mic Drop)…

Me… who once thought that I would never go without meat has now decided to go mostly, vegan. How long I don’t know… but on Friday, I got the results of my lab work. My glucose is high. My A1c levels are high. Triglycerides, C-reactive proteins, thyroid, are all high. So… before I go full blown diabetic, I am going to take a drastic measure and go all out… Whole Food Plant Based.

I started Friday afternoon after talking it over with my fitness trainer, nutritionist and my husband… and they all think that I should take the plunge and just do it…

So… here’s to me… not eating meat. (fingers crossed)  – Since Friday… I have had three times where I ate meat. So out of 25 meals, I have only had meat on three of them. Not too bad. I actually am finding I don’t really miss it. Plus, I feel like my digestion is starting to improve.

Here’s an example: on Sunday my daughter made our traditional family dinner – roast chicken. I made myself a big dinner bowl of a huge tossed salad, carrots and potato hash and 1/4 cup of rice. NO Chicken!! When I finished, I was actually, quite full.

Some of my favorite vegan meals so far has been…

  • huge salads – loaded with veggies: spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, celery, romaine, spring mix, grape tomatoes ( I could eat this everyday)
  • carrots and potato hash
  • Italian Veggie and Lentil soup
  • blueberry and 1/2 banana with vegan protein smoothie

I love veggies

A few years ago when I hit a plateau in my weight loss – my Lifetime Academy instructor told me it was time to write the 2nd chapter… I could never think of how to begin the second chapter. Now I know. Going Whole Food Plant Based is the 2nd chapter… to regain health and get rid of the belly fat – once and for all…

So… send me all the encouragement, tips and advice and recipes for a Whole Food Plant Based Diet and I will try each recipe and give a review.

Some of resources thus far… is Food Babe on Facebook. She has good recipes.

What the Health book and documentary. 

Oh She Glows cookbooks, Lifetime-Dtox recipes and The Plant Based Diet Meal Plan cookbook.

And of course Pinterest…

Wish me luck!

For health

Positively, Debbie





4 thoughts on “Mostly, Vegan (Meat Fasting) – The 2nd Chapter

    • Positively Debbie says:

      I titled it mostly, vegan since this a huge step for me and I’m not all the way vegan yet – I still had meat three times in 5 days. So mostly, vegan? Eventually the more I learn and grow on the plant based diet that will change to All the Way Whole Food Plant Based. Hope that makes sense…

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  1. dmarier7377 says:

    Debbie I sent you an invitation to The healthy living family page with Dr. And Mama Z. They are getting ready to start another 60 day challenge and they have some awesome information and recipes. Their book comes out in about a week and you can preorder it now. The Essential Oils Diet. It’s plant based and has two phases to the challenge if you go through it. I loved it and am getting ready to do their fast track again.


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