Struggling With Self-Blame

Well the day started out pretty good… I stopped eating around 7:30 pm the night before and Friday morning, by 7:30 am, I was starving. I felt my blood sugars slipping low… so I came out and made another frozen fruit blend of peaches, mangoes, strawberries and bananas smoothie – with almond milk, veganMax protein powder and L-glutamine. I also had a piece of toast (Killer Daves Good Seed thin sliced bread) and a chicken sausage. (I told you I was hangry).

I got busy then and packed up my son’s room, washed blankets and sheets and kept myself moving.

*****Note: I have also been told by my fitness trainer to get up and MOVE! over the weekend**** 

I also worked on getting 6 card kits ready for a card swap I am going to on Saturday. This card swap is for Stampin Up demonstrators. We are supposed to be using new items from the catalog – so we can get ideas of how to use it. I’m using the Over the Moon stamp set… I’m actually looking forward to going.

David came home and we went to Chick Fil-A…. I got a Chick Fil-A sandwich… (there’s that gluten again). Why, cant I just say NO?!!! And then, you have to have well done waffle fries with that and a large unsweet tea – right?

But… I came home and moved the Scrap4Less inventory to my sons room, which I had just emptied out. I’m MOVING… see?

Then, I was gonna have leftover green chili chicken and rice again but my daughter mentioned going to Longhorn. So, dinner time found me eating out again. This time, I had a salad, no croutons, a balsamic dressing on the side, a 6 oz filet mignon, some rice and some of Davids broccoli. I’m sure everything was cooked in butter… and why do they have to serve little loaves of bread?

I love veggies

not really…no

See? That’s where I am at… I want to eat… I don’t want to worry about whether it has gluten or dairy or if its bad for me. I don’t want to feel guilty because I didn’t cook at home. I just want to eat and enjoy life. And… I ate bread and dairy… and now, my body hates me and I hate it. Bad, bad Debbie : (

I read a quote from my book –  Better than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits, by: Gretchen Rubin. ” He that stumbles, and does not quite fall, gains a step.” “A stumble,” she wrote, “doesn’t mean total failure…it just shows me where I need to concentrate my efforts in order to do better next time.”

Okay…it wasn’t totally bad yesterday… but it wasn’t great either. I am really good at self-blaming. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about how today went…

Thanks for reading.

How do you handle the nutrition stumbles?

Positively, Debbie


3 thoughts on “Struggling With Self-Blame

  1. dmarier7377 says:

    Debbie I wish we lived closer together. I tried posting on your last blog but it wasn’t taking it. I was trying to tell you a little more about that 60 day challenge I did for the book “The Essential Oils Diet”. I think it would help you a lot and they are continuing to do the challenges for anyone who buys the book. They also have a book they did before this one called “The Healing Powers of Essential Oils” they are both great. And explain so much. You can check out Dr Z and Mama Z on Facebook as well as Natural Living Family on Facebook and their website. I’m thinking that in August I’m going to do the fast track part of the challenge again. I lost 15 lb in 30 days the first time without adding exercise this time I’m going to try and exercise too. We could help one another so much if we lived closer. We both have about the same amount we want to lose.


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