Let’s Do This

Do What? Good question…

A few years ago when I was going through Lifetime Fitness Academy – studying to be a fitness trainer, little did I know that my “work” would take me in a totally different direction. Not away from fitness, I still like to work out and I am still on a weight loss journey. My work took me into the world of resell and retail; into the world of all things scrapbooking and crafting, vintage and antiques.

Almost 9 months ago, I bought a scrapbook store (Scrap4Less) and started it in my basement, then moved it to a booth space in Willowstone, (Booth #187/188). I rented another booth for my vintage, antique and unusual finds in Willowstone, (Booth #88). And in about 8 – 12 months, I will be a certified antique appraiser… Yep. I am going to school for that.

Almost three years ago, my one word of the year was Focus. Megan Elizabeth, – https://www.byMeganElizabeth.com – my life coach, at that time, helped me learn to focus, (watch her Daily 3’s video),  and I had decided that I was gonna put full attention to growing my booth in Willowstone… and boy, has it grown… it also expanded into a scrapbook store… which is also located in Willowstone.

Now… I am going to take it a step further and I am going to Asheford Institue of Antiques – where I will be studying to become an antique appraiser… I found my niche… I am so happy!!! I love the thrill of finding that reminder of days gone by, the charm of association with an interesting past, the tender grace of a day, an age, that is dead but still lingers on.

Let’s Do This: The ‘Ber months are approaching fast… so let’s end the year with a bang.

Im planning a blog and vlog schedule for the ‘Ber months

I’m going to study to become an antique appraiser.

I am going to continue with my fitness and weight loss journey…

How will you end the year with a Bang?

Let’s do this! You’ve got this!!!

Positively, Debbie.

“Young antiques will not stay young forever – age is inevitable.” (Asheford Institue of Antiques)



3 thoughts on “Let’s Do This

  1. dmarier7377 says:

    My big bang is preparing myself and my house for a move. I still don’t know the when our even exactly the how but I do feel the Lord drawing me to move back home to Michigan and open my own business. I’m seeing many things he’s done with the jobs I’ve had and currently have that has prepared me for all of the business start up, licensing, sales tax etc. that will need to be done, the various craft things he’s led me to over the past decade and other product sources also. The perfect place is available up home (finances for it will certainly have to be a God thing, but I’ve seen that before with buying my current house which I said would never happen and he proved me wrong!) it is in the perfect spot on a major highway between two small towns and withing 35 miles or less in any direction of larger cities. There is 11.5 acres, business buildings, a house, a garage etc. Winters going to work would be just a short walk across the driveway. My oldest living brother has just bought a place up there this past summer so he can be home at least several months in the summers and there is more happening with family and friends right now as well. I’m excited even though God hasn’t revealed all the details yet I know I am supposed to be getting prepared. I have done a personal “lock in” I guess you could call it over the past couple of weeks where other than going to work I have gone home and locked myself in my house and started at one end of my house sorting, cleaning, deciding on things to give for an upcoming garage sale at church, things that just need to go, organizing everything and purging. Even though my “lock in” ends after this week and I will get back to my regular routine of things I normally do I had to take the time to do this for me. I needed to spend time alone with God and get things done that were starting to drive me nuts besides! (lol disorganization was making me crazy) I had been running and doing for everyone but myself for too long and needed to get myself centered again.


  2. dmarier7377 says:

    I’ve been feeling the call for quite awhile now, but when I went home in June for vacation I knew for sure that it’s the right thing. I really started feeling it about a year or so ago. A friend of mine from school that now lives in Mississippi, had been home and was telling me about a new church which I then checked out online and it seemed like a good fit, now I found out when I was home in June that one of my old classmates works for the school at this church as well, and there have been other things as well. I don’t have a clue right now how or when it’s going to happen but I have faith that it is. What’s funny about part of it is that about three years ago one of the guys I’d gone to school with had told me that the older gentleman that owns the place I’m talking about that would be perfect was wanting to sell it and it would be perfect for me. The price point on it is way out of my range (that’s why it’s a definite God Thing!). He evidently wasn’t getting it sold on his own so he listed it a little over a year ago but I didn’t know about it until about 8 months ago when it started popping up in my e-mails from Zillow at the oddest times. There have been some looks at it but only two or three saves besides mine on it and it has still not sold in all of this time. It’s interesting, bewildering, and so much more but I don’t know just how to explain it. It’s one of those things where you just know that you know. Now it’s just preparing and waiting on God to see the final outcome.


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