The ‘Ber (Brr) Months

Septembrrr, Octobrr, Novembrrr and Decembrrr..

Let the Brrr months begin!!! That time of year where ones thoughts turn to colder weather, the changing of the season, from summer – to fall – to winter, hot chocolate, warm stew, fuzzy socks and flannel pajama. And of course, the holidays – bundled up into one… (have you seen the craft stores?)

It’s the time of year where people get serious about their home decor and what crafts they are going to get done for craft fairs, presents and decorations. It’s the months of busyness, excitement and happiness found when spending time with loved ones and friends.

These are my favorite months. This is my favorite time of year. From September – through December. Pumpkin spice lattes have just arrived on the scene. Soon the leaves will change color and begin to drop off the trees, bringing the first snowfall.

The air conditioner will soon be serviced and the furnace will kick on. Soups and stews will begin bubbling on the stove top replacing the crunch and freshness of a tossed salad that was eaten during the summer. I will have to start wearing sweat pants and hoodies to the gym again.

So… I have decided to start a series of blogs and vlogs during the next 4 months of the Brrr season… A series devoted to crafts, craft fairs, decorating my home and my booths at Willowstone, dealing with the empty nest during the holiday season, fitness/nutrition and just basically, life in general. I will TRY to post something everyday… but realistically, at least three times a week.

September 1st…. let the Brrrr season begin!!!

Join me… how are you going to spend the Brrrr months. What crafts will you do? What holidays do you celebrate?

Send pictures of the crafts you are working on.

or subscribe to The Positively Debbie Show on YouTube…

Thanks all…

I’ll remain,

Positively, Debbie.


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