Palindrome Week

What is a palindrome? It is a word, phrase, sentence that reads the same going forwards and backwards.

This week – 9-10-19, 1-11-19, 9-12-19, 9-13-19... and so on, you get the point… is Palindrome week. All the dates for the next week can be read the same – going forwards or going backwards.

So… I thought it was a good idea to have Palindrome week… and for one week, I will make a card everyday… maybe more. (or maybe a scrapbook layout) and share with you how I am living life forwards and sometimes, backwards.

Because… when you think about it… life is kinda like a palindrome. Sometimes we live life forwards and sometimes we live life, taking two steps backwards. Always forward, sometimes backwards.

Today…was a forward kind of day. I rocked my workout. My fitness trainer even asked, Where’s Debbie? What did you do with Debbie? I didn’t complain during my workout and I chose to use a heavier weight for my tricep kickbacks and my bicep curls.

Then, when I got home, it started to go backwards, cuz I came down with a major headache. That’s why this blog is so late getting out. I was going to do a video, but I’m just going to post pictures instead.

This evening went forward again, since, I’m finally getting this blog written and I got two cards made. That was something, I could cross off my To-Do list. Getting a good nights sleep will get me started on a forward path in the morning.

How do you live life? Forward or Backwards?

One thing for certain – living backwards would sure to be better than living in the Upside Down… (sorry, Stranger Things.) 

Did I say, I have a headache?

So… before, I ramble anymore – here are the two cards I made. These are alternative cards from the July 2019 Paper Pumpkin kit – On My Mind. This was a very versatile kit. So many uses for this kit. I liked it.

Card #1


This one I just used a Pretty Peacock, Stampin Up ink block..and ran it vertically, across the pre-embossed card background that was included in the kit. Not too different from the kit ideas but still my own  take on it. I love the sailboat die cut that came with the kit. You can tell how tired I am… I forgot to punch out the die cut…oopsy

Card #2


I used the stamp set that came in the kit and Stampin Up’s new in-colors, TerraCotta Tile, Roccoco Rose and Seaside Spray.  I used some of the banners from the kit and the ships wheel and foliage die cuts. I stamped Hello Friend and fussy cut it out… added some shimmery crystal effects on some of the stamped doily images and added a bit of bling Super, easy peasy to make. 

If you are interested in becoming a Paper Pumpkin subscriber and getting a kit sent to your door every month – so you too can make super cute, easy peasy cards – leave me a comment below. Or leave me a comment… just because. I like comments.

All for now… I need to go see what the Great Dane is up to

I’ll (hopefully), remain…

Positively, Debbie

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