Put Your Best Foot Forward

Someone once said that to be a writer, one must simply write. Easy enough, if one has something to write about. But when one is struggling with what to write about… it is not an easy task. But, I said, I would blog every day during Palindrome week, so write something I shall.

I shall put my best foot forward and see what I come up with.

I moved forward in my workout again today and even finished a bit early. Today, I did three exercises for 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… reps and then back up again. ( Barbell chest presses, dead lifts and rows – 40 pounds). I don’t really feel this workout until a few hours later and tonight, I am feeling it in my upper back and my pecs. Tonight, was a good night to use my Mentha Peppermint Oil body wash. I love using this for my sore muscles. (and no… I am not affiliated with them. I just like the product).

mentha body wash

I went backwards again tonight, in the feeling well department. My stomach did not feel at all well this afternoon. I think, I am having gall bladder issues again. I really need to clean up my nutrition.

Upside-Down_Face_EmojiNutrition – shouldn’t be that hard. Why do I want to eat bread and pasta and cheese so much?

Uggghhh… and I didn’t get anything made tonight… but self-care was more important. 


So how do you put your best forward? How would I put my best foot forward?

  1. Think of it as playing dress up – When you played dress up as a kid, you wanted to put on the clothes that made you feel special, or pretty, or unique. Putting your best foot forward is like playing dress up… you put on the attitude that makes you feel special, pretty and unique.
  2. Give it effort – I thought of a 1,001 excuses today to not go to the gym… but I couldn’t settle on one that my trainer would let me get away with… so, I forced myself out of bed and went to the gym… I gave effort and I came away feeling better.
  3. Realize that its okay to not be perfect all the time – As Mary Poppins succinctly put it… practically perfect in every way. Not quite perfect, but practically perfect. Sorry, I didn’t get anything made tonight. I did get my new MayMay Made It stamp of the month today – which I will use, hopefully, tomorrow.
  4. Never give up – Just keep putting one foot in front of the other… keep putting your best foot forward and eventually, as Kris Kringle said, “you’ll be taking your first step.” (I so need to remember this with my nutrition).


I made a new goal today. If I can lose 8 lbs by September 27th – my trainer will go to the Downton Abby movie with me…

So… from now on I am going to put my best forward in the area of nutrition. NO MORE EXCUSES! Fingers crossed. Lots of prayers. I can do this…

and I will remain…

Positively, Debbie

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