Let’s Talk Planning

9 -12-2019 Palindrome Week – Day #3 

Moving Forwards and Backwards is the theme this week…

I took a few steps backwards this evening. Literally. I took the trash out to the curb and the trash can came into very sharp contact with my right ankle… right on top of where I had my ankle surgery two years ago. Oh….that hurt. I burst into tears!!!

Why? Well, obviously the pain and because, mostly, I really hate the empty nest sometimes. There’s nobody around to help do basic chores anymore. Even the husband is off to another country to work. Really…truly…the empty nest. 

I am trying to move forward and be more independent, but the empty nest can really suck at times. I heard somebody say… when you hit the empty nest stage you have to give yourself time to grieve. It’s the end of an era – so to speak.

Anyways. I’ll talk more on the empty nest later. Tonight, I wanted to talk about planners.


  1. They help me move forward
  2. They help me document memories
  3. Keeps me organized and focused
  4. Gives me something to do

Currently, I have four.

  1. My Erin Condren Life Planner – which I use to keep track of daily to do’s, fitness and nutrition, classes, blog and vlog topics, appointments and so on.


  1. My Erin Condren Monthly Planner – I use this to keep track of bills, Scrap4Less to do’s  and projects that I am working on for the month


  1. A bullet journal – in a travelers notebook – this is one that I carry with me all the times. It gets everything. To Do lists, habit trackers, shopping lists, brain dumps, ideas, books I’ve read… etc.
  2. A creative journal – also in a travelers notebook. I will stamp, use gelatos, markers, die cuts, magazine bits and pieces, new paper that I get for the store, pictures, etc. anything that can tell my story for the day.  I really want to join the #dailyjournalchallenge on Instagram


I am thinking about adding a 5th… A Faith Notebook, WarBinder, whatever you may call it. I am feeling the urge to get back into church… and I think something like this will really help.

The Erin Condren Planners, my faith notebook, and my traveler notebooks all stay on the dining table – along with my Bible – so every morning, when I sit down to drink my smoothie, or eat my breakfast, it is all right there and ready for me to work in.

Are you a planner? What do you use to help you plan? Do you have a Faith Notebook? Share with me your systems…

Until then…. keep planning

Positvely, Debbie



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