Door Dash and The Checklist For Life

So… last weekend I made my very first delivery with Door Dash. It was actually quite fun and felt rewarding. All of my deliveries were done on a military post, so I felt like, I was, in a way, supporting the troops. Keeping the young soldiers fed by delivering them Wendys and Baskin Robbins.

Not bad. And if I put in enough hours in,  maybe 10 deliveries a day, it would pay well.

One thing I love about Door Dash is; At the beginning of every shift a checklist always pops up that asks you…

Is your phone charged?

Do you have enough gas?

Do you have your red card?

Do you have your hot bag and warming blankets?

A checklist from Door Dash to help make your deliveries successful, could also be a checklist for daily living to help you be successful in life.

Is your phone charged?  – A very thoughtful question Door Dash. It makes me double check that I have my phone – I am oft times forgetting it –  and it makes me check to make sure I have my charger – which I also forget to do.

Are you charged up when you start your day? Is your attitude a good one? Are you pumped and motivated to make this day better than the day before? Did you sleep well? How charged are you? Living life feeling blue, unmotivated and without purpose is not a good place to be. Make sure you plug your phone in at night, both literally and figuratively, so it is “charged and ready to go for the next day”

Do you have enough gas? – Another good question. I have been known to wait too long before putting gas in my car. My daughter’s boyfriend would be happy to tell you about the time he had to bail me out and come put gas in my car… or the time I ran out of gas in the gym parking lot… (that’s another story).

Are you fueled up properly? Figuratively? Nutrition, I believe, is the proper way to fuel up. Healthy nutrition. If I fuel up on carbs and sugars, I don’t feel well and will run out of gas before it’s even lunchtime. For me, having enough gas in my tank means that I am getting enough protein and less carbs.

Do you have your red card? The red card with Door Dash is kinda like a credit card… it helps buy the food that has been ordered, I’m not really quite sure how it works… but it does. I never have to pay for anything and I have always had successful dashes.

What is your red card in life? What do you do to help you be successful? I love to plan out my weeks and day in my travelers notebook and I like working at what I am passionate about. Most importantly, I would like to think of my faith as a red card. I know from the time I am born, the dash in the middle, to the time I die, will be worth it all  – when I enter heavens portals and hear God say… Well done!!!

Do you have your hot bag and warming blanketsThe hot bag is thermal insulated… it keeps food hot or cold. (I’ve never gotten a warming blanket so I’m not sure what that is). One thing is for sure… people are very grateful when they receive their food nice and hot.

What things in life are you grateful for? Hot food, a cozy house, a nice car to dash around in, and my family. These are things I am grateful. Do I have my hot bag? I have everything I need…and then some.

Who knew Door Dash could teach so much about life?

Thanks for reading

Stay true and work hard!

Positively, Debbie


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4 thoughts on “Door Dash and The Checklist For Life

  1. Susie says:

    I am grateful that there are smart entrepreneurs who create businesses that not only give people employment and the nation fed but also indirectly reminds us to take care of each other. No matter what is going on in politics or around the world I look at cars zipping around with their emblazoned logos and I know Americans are making sure that their friends and neighbors are getting home safe; getting food either prepared or groceries; and a little kindness delivered too.


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