Out With February – In With March

I can hardly believe that February is over… extra day and all. I can’t believe it’s March. It’s madness, I tell you!!!

So little to do – so much time… WAIT! Strike that. Reverse it! So much to do – so little time.

It’s Monday Motivation Day – and also a good time to reflect on what happened in February…

  1. I made it back to my gym sessions. Last week, I did not miss a day.  I missed quite a few days in January and beginning of February, due to sickness and snow. It felt good to be back in the groove of working out. I am sore but I feel good. I really do have an awesome fitness trainer who is taking all my health concerns into considerations and not pushing me too hard. Hard enough to challenge me but not hard enough to wear me out. 


2.  Cosmo turned 17 weeks and is getting so smart. I figured out today that he has taught himself to open the screen door at the front door. I am going to have to watch him carefully – he likes to come out and be with me and I am ever so scared he might run into the street. He loves to shred paper and give lots of snuggles. He is an ornery pupster.


3. I rented a new booth space for my antique/vintage/kitschy items and a                  classroom for Scrap4Less. I got the vintage/antique/kitschy booth moved over to booth #404 and am starting to set up the classroom for Scrap4Less in booth #405/406 – (all located at Willowstone Marketplace)…that was a lot of work but it will be well worth it…thanks to my daughter and a friend for helping out. We are going to kick off the classroom with an open house the second weekend in March… 


Booth #404


Classroom office – Booth #405/406

4. Lent started on Wednesday… not that I observe Lent but in about 45 days or so it will be Easter already and David will be home or on his way home again. Then we are heading off for a well deserved vacation with the Great Danes and going to visit family and maybe bring my sister back with us.


Hope and Cosmo – Life with Danes

Still working on building good habits in nutrition and in blogging and vlogging on a more consistent basis.

Consistent is my One Word of the Year that I am focusing on and I am realizing that life is about being consistent in all things – not just fitness, but consistent in health, relationships, business, family life, etc. It’s about choosing the top priorities – determining the priorities that are crystal balls, (which will shatter when you drop them), heavy glass balls, (which might get chipped if you drop them, but won’t break) and rubber balls (the priorities that will bounce into the next day or the next). Once, I figured out what my priorities are – being consistent has become slightly, somewhat, easier. It’s when I stay consistent in my priorities that I feel most motivated.

On that note… let me say. I just watched the press conference about the arrest of Gannon Stauch’s stepmom… the law enforcement agencies do not think he is alive. Gannon’s stepmom has four charges brought against her… murder in 1st degree, child abuse, tampering with evidence and tampering with a deceased body. My heart is breaking for the family. It just really hits home since this little boy happened to live in the neighborhood next to ours. Hold your babies close tonight and whisper a prayer of thanks to God. His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. Make your faith the utmost priority. 

I’m gonna go find my box of Kleenex now, have a good cry and then carry on…

Stay hopeful. Stay positive. Justice will be served. Pray for the family. 

I’ll remain,

Positively Debbie

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