Corona Virus – COVID-19 – Pollen 2020

Day One.

I am not even sure when this Corona Virus became a big thing. But I am starting Day One of #I’maSurvivor today. Have I self-quarantined? Ehhhh…. not really. I still get out and go for walks. I go to the grocery stores and drive-throughs of my restaurants. I still order take out. Most of the places, I don’t go to are the ones that have shut down completely because they are too small of a business to stay open.

How am I affected by this?

  1. I can’t go to the gym – because it’s closed down till March 29th. Sigh. You never know how much you miss something until it gets taken away.
  2. David cant come home in April cuz travel overseas has been banned
  3. Jonathan cant go do his job
  4. My sales at Willowstone for Scrap4Less are pretty non-existent right now
  5. I was going to start giving crafting classes but now I have to wait for that
  6. When David got home we were going to go on vacation and that had to be canceled.
  7. It’s harder to eat healthier when everything is so picked over but I’m not doing too bad.


My healthy Chocolate Covered Cherry protein smoothie… 

When Did I Notice Something Amiss?

So…last Tuesday, after I got done at the gym. I had to go to CostCo to get – wonder of wonders – toilet paper. I was getting really low and it was time to stock up again. That is when I noticed that there was not that much toilet paper at Costco – there were like 4 big packages of Charmin Ultra Soft. I didn’t think anything of it and went to Target and got toilet paper – my usual big bag of Charmin Ultra Strong.


I went shopping with my daughter on Friday and a lot of shelves were empty. My daughter panicked when she saw the empty space where the Dr. Pepper was supposed to be, but they eventually came by with the fork lift and moved another lot of cases down. By Saturday – everyone had gone completely nuts and the stores were down to slim pickings. Sunday, I went to the store again with a friend and I couldn’t even find my Cap’n Crunch – Crunch Berries. Kings Soopers were sold out of them. My friend, my daughter and I were in shock and disbelief when we saw the empty shelves. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Now, when we go shopping we have to kinda piece stuff together and maybe go to two or three different stores.


No Dr. Pepper!


This is crazy – I’ve heard stories when I was growing up about something like this happening. People standing in long lines, waiting for food and bread. (Toilet paper wasn’t really mentioned). These stories also said it was the end times and it meant the Rapture was going to happen anytime. I’ve been saying this is much more than a virus… could it be the catalyst for the Rapture? Maybe? Anyday now? We’ve been saying that ever since I was young enough to remember but I have never seen the signs so evident as I do right now. I don’t know. All I can say is it is well with my soul. What about yours?


I don’t want to get caught up in the fear. I want to make the best of times likes this. Treat it like the adventure it is. Live like a pioneer if I have too… Get creative with cooking. Get creative with crafting. Get creative with fitness.

Plans for the Future:

If this continues – I want to do a container garden…full of vegetables – tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, greenbeans, strawberries, and watermelon

I want to learn how to cook on a charcoal grill.

I want to become a prepper… who knows if we will have to go through this again.

Now… I am off to get my Great Dane puppy ready to go to puppy training class at PetCo… Corona Virus or not – he needs to learn how to be a good boy.



Hope and Cosmo sticking out their tongues and saying Phooey to Corona Virus

Hey everyone… stay strong, stay healthy, stay positive.

I’ll still be here

Positively, Debbie

How are doing through this? Share your stories. Let me know if you need anything…



One thought on “Corona Virus – COVID-19 – Pollen 2020

  1. Helen says:

    My stories are similar; postponed doctor appointments or “phone call appointments” instead, things from the store shelves I thought of as necessities, I now find myself going without and doing quite well. Indoor boredom. Indoor boredom??? With so much technology at my fingertips, how can I be bored? I can tour national museums and zoos and watch crafty little videos, etc. I may grow weary of Facebook, but for now, it’s keeping me connected to the world outside my house. I can write, I can read and God knows I could be cleaning. Lol. It’s springtime, right? Time for spring cleaning. But, who feels like it?

    Thankful for your blog. Thankful for YOU!

    God bless you, my friend!

    Love, Helen!


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