Allergies and A Throw Back Thursday Card and Tutorial

I promised a blog and a card a day – so here it is.

Allergies. Allergies have kicked my butt today. I had to take allergy meds to combat the sneezing, the endless sneezing and throat itching. Sinuses are so bad. (I thank my parents for those allergies and sinus genes).

Anyways, I am way to sleepy to sit and make a card tonight so I have decided – that Thursday will be a throwback Thursday card and something that I wrote in the past.


This is part one of a college paper I wrote back in 2006. I think it’s kind of relevant to today.

Lessons from Abraham

This is reporter Debbie, Positively, Debbie for Positive News Eyewitness. I am here to bring a unique situation to your attention. It is the middle of the afternoon, on a hot, hazy and humid day. I was standing on a busy street corner searching for someone to interview. Suddenly, the street and the bustling of the crowd faded away and I found myself standing here in a huge desert, before a very large tent. Wait a minute! Some is coming out of the tent. It appears to be an older man with shoulder length, gray hair and a beard that makes him look like he’s from ZZTop.

“Uh, excuse me sir. I am reporter Debbie for Positive News Eyewitness. I seem to have found misplaced. Will you please tell me where I am and with whom am I speaking?”

Amazingly, he understood me. “Why sure Debbie, I too have often felt misplaced. My name is Abraham – formerly known as Abram and you are in the land of Canaan.”

Mic drop.

While picking up my mic, much to my wonder and surprise, I realized that standing in front of me, was the person I needed to interview to fulfill the requirement for job assignment and my college course. I had to learn, from Abraham himself what it was like to leave his home country and immigrate to a new land, which God said He would show him. I had to know if he encountered any language problems and if a modern, secular textbook could be applicable to Biblical cultures and customs.

The first thing I learned about Abraham was that the origin of his cultural heritage began in Mesopotamia. He grew up in the city of UR, near the Plains of Shinar. Mesopotamia is the region now occupied by modern Iraq, eastern Syria and southern Turkey. It is home to many civilizations including the Sumerians, Persians, Babylonians and Assyrians. It is the oldest region that we have any record of.

Stay tuned til next week and I will continue Lessons Learned from Abraham.


Here is today’s throwback Thursday card – These are known as Explosion Cards. When you open them the inside explodes with a decorative folded piece of paper. These are the two that I made. They were fun to make and fun to give someone.

I even found a throwback video tutorial!!! How fun! This was made in 2016…

Let me know if you try your hand at making an Explosion Card

Thanks for reading and watching…

Positively, Debbie

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