Discom{Poop}alated and Card-A-Day Countdown.

Discom(poop)alated – a word combination of discombobulated and pooped. Tired and confused. Worn out and wondering. Overwhelmed and overextended…depressed – a little.

  • I have bills to pay and my banks server is having issues.
  • I need to get inventory priced for Scrap4Less and KDWhimsy and get it taken up to Willowstone.
  • My sister showed up on my doorstep, unexpectedly, last week.
  • David is coming home!!! 
  • I’m trying to get my craft room reorganized and I need to make stuff.
  • My son just left for a truck driving job and I’m trying to get his room cleaned.
  • My eyesight is really bothering me and my computer screen is looking blurry. So if there are any typos – please forgive me.
  • These Great Danes are a lot of work and the puppy bit my Chihuahua on the shoulders. ER visit cost $400.
  • They also found out my Chihuahua has a pretty severe heart murmur and wants me to get him a cardiac ultrasound done.
  • I cannot stand wearing a mask because I can’t breathe while wearing one.

I feel so overwhelmed with everything going on and all the changes taking place this year – I am literally discombobulated and pooped – discom(poop)alated. 2020 has kicked my kiester – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  So much so that something had to go.

After almost 10 years of going non-stop to the gym and working with a fitness trainer, I gave up my fitness sessions and I canceled my membership to the gym. Yep. I’m going solo. I’m not giving up fitness. I am still going to work on nutrition and walking a lot more. Maybe, by doing this, I can just relax for a change and make fitness fun again. 

and on an even brighter note! 

David is on his way home – the end of August. This time it’s permanent! He is not going back to that big overseas desert. He will be starting a new job here in Colorado in October! I am so happy and super stoked. It also means we will be doing some traveling to go visit his mom and maybe our grandkids.

Now it’s over a week into August. I need to get my motivation back. I feel like I’ve lost spring and summer this year. My thoughts are already turning to pumpkin spice lattes and pretty double-sided scrapbook paper with Santas. I want to collect antique/vintage Santas this year.

vintage santa

August goals are: 

  1. Get bills paid
  2. Walk at least a mile every day
  3. Keep the dining room table cleaned off
  4. Get halfway through Asheford School of Antiques and Real Estate Express school
  5. Start the Card – A – Day Countdown til David gets home. 

Card Number One – 19 more days til homecoming

I used Stampin Up’s  Cinnamon Cider and Misty Moonlight cardstock for the first card and Misty Moonlight cardstock and a card front, cut down to size, from a recent Paper Pumpkin.

I used the Stampin Up – Way to Goat stamp set. I love this set!!! I also used a Memento Black Ink, blender pens and watercolor pencils. I also used scissors, pop up dimensionals, and some bling.

This is the first card I made 


Cut your background paper down to 5 1/4″ x 3″


Cut the white strip down to 5 1/4 inches x 2 3/4 inches


Here is the second card I made.


Add your sentiment and whatever embellishment you would like to add, a bling or ribbon. Oh… and have a lot of fun coloring the goats. Coloring is very therapeutic. Plus it seems to make time pass by faster.

NOTE ****Make an A2 size card base by taking your 8 1/2 x 11″ cardstock and cutting it in half, on the long side, at 5 1/2″, turn it and score it in the middle at 4 1/4″ – fold and crease your edge. *****


Visit my StampinUp site to shop for any of the above products – http://www.positivelydebbie.stampinup.net

With Love,

Positively, Debbie

3 thoughts on “Discom{Poop}alated and Card-A-Day Countdown.

  1. dmarier7377 says:

    I can so relate to this, I’ve still been running 90 to nothing this year and things have been so up in the air with all that is going on. I had planned on getting to go home on vacation again this year but with all the Covid shut downs and restrictions I decided it will wait until at least next summer (or the Good Lord decides to bring everything in alignment for me to move home again). So I have been slowly getting things done at my house that I’ve wanted to get done and have been using my vacation time to take a day here and there to work on things. Such as finally doing my biggest bathroom floor so it looks better. I don’t know if you saw the pictures on my page or not but boy did it make a big difference, and I don’t cringe now every time I walk into that bathroom. My craft room is still a mess but it’s on my list to get organized again too and get back to creating there as well.

    I’m happy for you that David is coming home permanently I know you have hated having him gone so much and one of these days we may actually get to meet in person sometime!

    Keep on keeping on “One Day At A Time” as the song says and God will continue to get us through is what I keep telling myself. God is Good!


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