I know I talk a lot about our two Great Danes – Hope and Cosmo, but unbeknownst to a lot of people is the little dog that rules the roost here in our household

Jubilee is 14 years old and a Malti-Poo. I got her when she was an 8 week old pup from the pet store in the mall. Yep. Those dogs need rescued too. I wouldn’t recommend it now because they have jacked prices up way beyond what any reasonable person should or ought to pay for a dog. But 14 years ago… the prices were pretty reasonable.

We took her and her sister into the observation room. Her sister was all white and looked more like a Maltese. Jubilee was cream colored and looked more like a poodle. Her sister curled up in a corner of the room and just laid there. Jubilee bounced around the room, holding her paws up to us. She was the one with the personality and the vim and vinegar. We chose her. (Or did she choose us).

She has seen many dogs come and go around our house. She was there when my daughters dog – Mylo – ran into the street, got hit by a car and died in my daughters home. She was there when our Bichon – (whom we rescued from Dream Power) – passed away. She was there when we were given a miniature schnauzer puppy – Hallee – two months after she came to live with us. They grew up to best buds. Hallee went to live with my son so I’m not sure where she is now. She was there a year later when I brought Journey home. He was a chihuahua puppy from a litter of two. His daddy was Mylo.

You should’ve seen the look she gave me when we brought Hope home. (Really, Mom?) and she kinda rolled her eyes and sighed really loud when we brought Cosmo home.

She stepped up and did her duties as Auntie to the Great Danes and she rules then with an iron bark.

I gave her the name Jubilee Ann – I really liked the name Jubilee and at that time I adopted her, I was getting over the loss of our first dog. A miniature poodle named Majesty. Majesty was with us for 16 years before we finally had to say our goodbyes to her. She just got too old and wouldn’t eat anymore.

Today, Jubilee is at the vets going through oral surgery. I am a nervous dog mom. I do not know how many of her teeth they will have to extract but the vet even being toothless, it prolongs their chances of living. Keeping rotten teeth in your mouth is toxic and bad for anyones health. I am waiting for my InstaCart order to arrive so I can make her some homemade dog food. I think it will be soft enough for to eat.

I am going to make it with ground turkey, rice, sweet potato and peas. (probably in the InstaPot). Does anyone have a good recipe for homemade dog food?

We will be picking her up sometime after 3… I can’t wait. I hate when my dog babies are away from the house.

Anyways, here are a few pictures of her… Hope you enjoy. I will update this with how she did during her surgery before I publish.

UPDATE: Jubilee did well with her oral surgery. She has pearly white teeth again. They did one major tooth extraction and a few minor teeth that she won’t even miss. She is tired today but I don’t think she’s in too much pain.

Alright, I guess if Jubilee can do it, I can do it. I am going to make myself a dental appt and get my deep cleaning done. Even though I dread the thought of going to the dentist. I think she is going to feel much better now.

All for now…

Don’t forget to brush your teeth or your dogs teeth.


Positively, Debbie

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