Diet Review – Back to the Drawing Board

Fri-Yay – Blog Day!

I started a “diet” program called Optavia – which for me is not optimal nor viable. I should’ve known it was a fad diet. The program consists of 5 fuelings a day. The fuelings come in packets. Nothing is fresh. It’s not a meal. *I was out of town when my box arrived and I told my son-in-law to put everything in the freezer. I thought it was gonna be a weight loss program like Nutri-System or something where the food is real just frozen. Boy, was I wrong.

The food is packets of shakes, cheeto type snacks, packets of mac – n – cheese, and fruit loop type cereal that tastes like cough medicine, etc. It’s like eating 5 – 100 calorie snack packs a day and then letting yourself eat a sensible dinner – which they call your lean and green meal – consisting of 5 -7 oz. of protein and 3 cups of veggies – preferably green ones. That is only 800 – 1,000 calories a day. (It reminded me of the Slim Fast Diet. Drink two shakes a day and eat a sensible dinner.) Sure, people lost weight. They were starving themselves. They also gained the weight back really quick when they stopped. No wonder they tell you not to exercise. Who would have the energy to do so?

Also, to top it off, everything contained dairy. (Whey is dairy). I have had very little dairy for the past 10 years and when I do have it my stomach hurts bad. My asthma acts up because I get very congested and I get really bad migraines. All the blood tests, I have ever had show a sensitivity to dairy and gluten. When I voiced my concerns, I was told my body would adjust. Adjust!!! Seriously? Hello Fad Diet.

Any nutrition program that leads into intensely cutting back on calories and eating only specific foods should raise a red flag of warning. I don’t want a life where I have to eat 100 calorie snack packs containing dairy for the rest of my life. I want a lifetime change. When I lost 115 pounds the first time… that is what I was taught to do. Make changes for life. Still to this day – I minimize dairy in my diet. Don’t make “food” your enemy. Make “food” your fuel. Meat, fruit, veggies. Plus, this program is a multiple level marketing program, it is expensive and the food is not worth it.

I will lose the weight I have put on during the times of Covid… but no more fad diets for me. If I have to go it alone I will. Back to dairy free, gluten free, meat, fruits and veggies. I do like the idea of smaller, frequent meals – Oh yea! The Diabetic diet suggests doing that. Drinking lots of water is a good habit to get back into and making good choices of what to eat needs to be at the forefront of my mind. No more being suckered into fad diets. I would rather do Weight Watchers and count points than eat another one of these 100 calorie snack packs…

NOTE – I am sorry for any typos that may occur. Unfortunately, due to the retina repair surgery, I had in December. I now have cataracts in my left eye, which is really hindering my eye sight.

Surgery to remove cataracts is scheduled for the end of June

Beware of Fad Diets!

Always stay Positive

Share a comment about any Fad Diets you have tried.


Positively, Debbie

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