Just Call Me – The One-Eyed Crafter

One week into June already…. This month I decided to join Sara Scrap’s Facebook – Rediscover Your Stash Group. The goal is to not buy anything for my craft room, during the month of June. She does have different levels, such as Essentials Only, Just the Necessities, or Totally Go All Out. I am doing the essentials only level – because who knows, I might run out of adhesive…. which I always seem to do. This was definitely a challenge I could sink my teeth into.

Here is the video of my projects and kits that I will be working on during this month. It is kind of enjoyable going back through my stash and seeing what I can use up.

**** Note: This no buy month does not include Scrap4Less, only my personal crafting room. Scrap4Less will still be putting in new inventory, periodically, during the month of June****

In case you are wondering, why the font I am using is so large, it is so I can see it. Right now, I like the larger, bolder print. Currently, vision in my left eye is 20/125, which is a moderate vision loss. Since my right eye is okay, I’m not considered legally blind. My surgery date, for my cataract removal is June 23rd. In a way, I can’t wait to get it over, but I am also so very nervous. Apparently, they are only going to put me into a twilight sleep. I sure hope I don’t see anything coming towards my eye, I will probably have a panic attack!!!

Has anyone else had cataract removal surgery? How did it go?

Since this cataract is causing very blurry vision in my left eye, I am calling myself, at the moment, the One-Eyed Crafter, arrrrrrggggghhhh.

Well, I’m off to run errands – debating whether I should drive to the grocery store or order from InstaCart. I kinda want out of the house.

Well, Happy Crafting Everyone…. let me know what you are crafting on during the month of June.

I’ll remain,

Positively, Debbie

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