Another 365 Days Around the Sun

Today is my birthday. I am 57. There I admitted to how old I am… and I am not ashamed

. I have made it to 57. I am pushing 60. I feel I have arrived. I have got the wisdom of the past. I can be included in some senior circles now. Not that I think I need to be… but I can if I want to. Some restaurants will even let me get a senior meal now. Although, it seems like they keep raising the age limit.

I am also beginning to feel the effects of aging. My eyesight is not the same. I am getting cataracts. My hearing is going because I have some kind of bone arthritis in my ears. My gut is not the same. NO more all you can eat. No more eating whatever I want. My blood sugar, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels all went high. Geez! I sound like I am getting old… I am trying to not complain. I understand now why older people sound grumpy all the time. This preventative aging stuff doesn’t get any easier.

I had a good day. David watched the grandson. I read my book and took a nap. This evening the family took me out to my favorite steak restaurant – Longhorn Steakhouse. I got my filet mignon and my son bought me a strawberry margarita. The restaurant gave me a free dessert of ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce – which I shared with the grandson.

All in all it was a good day. Many of my friends and family wished me well on Facebook. I got to spend time with a couple of friends yesterday and made cards.

So my year around the sun in a nutshell:

January – the kids moved back in, Kim had her baby. Zachary. Davids brother passed away, started the 52 Week Book Challenge, mostly recovered from Covid

February – went to Payson, AZ for Davids brothers memorial service.

March – just worked on Willowstone. Kim had emergency gall bladder surgery

April – lots of family drama

May – Willowstone shut down and I had to move Scrap4Less to the Colorado Springs flea market

June – July – August – hot summer. Started getting a lot of migraines. Bad migraines. Started working out with Carol for a few months.

September – got put on blood pressure medication. Found out I have Type 2 diabetes. Zac started standing on his own.

October – started rearranging rooms. Kim took over my craft room and I took over the two bedrooms. Decorated a little for fall and Halloween

November – still organizing my craft room and Scrap4Less inventory. Had a happy, relaxing Thanksgiving and turned a year older.

Now December is coming up. The only thing I am kind of dreading is that at the end of the year, I have to have a procedure done. I have been putting it off and putting it off but I need to do it. It’s the infamous colonoscopy and endoscopy. Not looking forward to it at all. What a way to END my year. Right?!

Birthdays aren’t so bad. I have a grandson to keep me motivated to stay healthy. I have a crafting business I need to dust off and get off the ground. I hopefully, Lord willing, have many more years to look forward to.

Plus Christmas is just around the corner and today Advent begins. Not that I celebrate Advent but it is interesting. The coming of Christ is what gives us hope no matter what age we are.

I don’t know about tomorrow… but I know who holds my hand.

Thanks for reading.

Positively, Debbie

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