5 Books I Read in 2022 that I Rated 5 Stars

I read 41 books in 2022 – not bad. I read 39 books for the #52WeekBookChallenge. I really enjoyed this challenge of reading a book and fitting it into one of the 52 prompts. Here are the books I rated 5 star books from the books I read last year.

1. All the Light We Cannot Seewritten by Anthony Doerr – based on two characters, a girl and boy. Set during the time of the Nazi occupation in Paris. Marie is blind but her father has taught her a way to navigate around her town by building her a miniature replica of her town that she has memorized. Her father is a museum curator and he has a valuable gem in his pocket that he needs to protect. When the occupation starts they flee to Maries great uncle…

Meanwhile in Germany there’s a boy growing up and he eventually joins the German Army and his journey leads him to where Marie is. This story made me feel all the emotions – happy, sad, angry….

2. Green Rider – Green Rider Series Book #1written by Kristen Britain

I love when I read a book that makes me want to read all the books in a series. This book gripped my attention from the beginning to the end.. I need to find out what happens to Karigan in the next book. It’s a fantasy book and her mission – whether she wanted it or not is to deliver a message to the King while dodging life and death situations.

3. Behind Closed Doors – B. A. Paris – this was kinda a creepy book. They seemed to be a perfect couple but when everyone left the smoke screen blew away. He becomes super controlling of the wife – and its very interesting how she finally gets her revenge. It kept me riveted. Definitely a page turner.

4. All of Us Villians – by Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman. So I needed a book where the main character was a villian. So while I was in Barnes and Noble, I asked an employee if she could recommend a book to fit the prompt. She took me to this book and she wasn’t kidding. It was sooooo good. It’s a book where all the main characters are villians – or are they? It’s kinda like a Hunger Games book where the characters have to kill each other until there is one survivor. Or can they change history and not have to kill each other? I cant wait until I read the second book – All of Our Demise

5. Last but least – ( I have 6 more books that I rated a 5 star read) – Dry – written by Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman.

This hits really close to present day. All the water in California has dried up and the water gets shut off. Not just rationing water – there is no water anywhere. (Talk about feeling very thirsty and dehydrated throughout this book). The water from the grocery stores is off the shelves in a matter of minutes – like the toilet paper in 2020. Luckily the boy who lives next to the girl main character has a father who is a survivalist and they have prepared – except everybody thinks that he should share. It becomes a very dystopian society for awhile. It also made me feel all the feels, but Neal Shusterman’s books are like that. He’s a good author.

Here are my other top favorite books that I read – I rate them 5 stars too…

6. Killers of a Certain AgeDeanna Rayburn

7. SacagaweaAnna Lee Waldo

8. FairytaleStephen King

9 and 10 – The Nightingale and Great Alone Kristen Hannah

These are the books I will keep on my shelf… What is one of your top favorite books that you have read recently or are reading currently?

Thanks for reading this blog

Positively, Debbie

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