Compliments and Inspiration

Today is National Compliment Day. Who knew there was such a day?

The website said that “giving or receiving a compliment can boost happiness and confidence,” and who can’t use a boost of happiness and confidence?

This is for you all – You are the best and you are totally and wholly appreciated for reading this blog. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart I really appreciate YOU taking the time to read this and leave a comment, like or share. I hope you have the greatest of days.

Here is the link for National Compliment Day –

Inspiration –

The other day I was reading through Rachel Hollis’ book – Girl, Stop Apologizing. This is a book that has been sitting on my TBR shelf for awhile now. There was a quote in the second chapter that just jumped out at me.

“If you find yourself going through life without anything to work toward or aim for, its no wonder that you feel like your life is living you instead of the other way around.”

Life is living you… that jumped out at me! Is life living me or am I living life? How does life live me and me not live life? How do other people let life live them? (I should not read before I try to go to sleep). Then from somewhere deep within I started thinking about emotional wells.

Emotional wells? Well…yeah. Just think. We go to the well to draw water out to refresh ourselves, to clean ourselves, to refresh others, even our animals. (I also just finished reading Genesis with the stories of Isaac and Rebekah and how Abrahams servant found Rebekah at the well, because she offered to draw water for the servant and his camels). Genesis 24-27

Every day – as we go through life – we draw from our emotional wells. We can go from happy, angry, sad, fearful, back to happy all within a matter of minutes – depending on what our situation and circumstances are at any given moment. (Watch Inside Out). We draw from our emotional wells as we interact with people, and make a plethora of decisions about how we are going to react. Thats why we sometimes feel so drained at the end of the day. Our emotional wells are drying up. When our emotional wells start to run dry – we let life start to live us – living life becomes hard and that is when we start to feel depressed.

Luckily – there are ways to replenish our emotional wells. A few things that I have thought of are:

1. Get plenty of sleep – I cant function emotionally or physically if I’m feeling fatigued during the day. My emotional well will run out quickly and life will run all over me and I’ll be too tired to do anything about it.

2. Know your purpose – You are here at this moment in time. God has given you a purpose. What are you passionate about? Nature, creating, writing, talking? Every thing we are passionate about leads back to our purpose – to worship God. (Jeremiah 29:11)

3. Make a plan – set a goal – How do you follow what you are passionate about? By making a plan and setting a goal of how to accomplish that plan. I have a cousin who has been having a rough time, battling addictions and depression, but lately, this cousin has been pursuing creativity through art, coloring and painting ceramics. Gorgeous pieces. This cousin had an emotional well that was drying up… but by realizing they had a purpose in creating art work, they made a plan to start coloring and painting and the goal was the finished artwork.

One other important thing –

4. Give a compliment to someone – you never know if someone’s emotional well is drying up. Your compliment to them just might be the extra drop of water in their emotional well that they need to make it through the day – before live begins to live them.

I want to Thrive – Live Life and not let Life Live me!

Live Life and I will remain

Positively, Debbie

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