Disaster Averted or My First Bible Journaling (My Joynal)

Today I felt kinda bummed cuz lately I have felt like i was being singled out during fitness class for complaining. (Who doesn’t complain during fitness class?) It was making me feel unwanted and where do I turn when I’m unwanted? Chocolate!!! So I went downstairs to my daughters room and snuck 2 mini snickers and 2 mini Twix bars. They were mini okay? Don’t judge. I was heading back up the stairs to eat my emotions and who do I see walking up the driveway?

The mailman

With a package for me!!! Yippee!!!

I handed him all four candy bars. (Really – I held my hand out with all four candy bars thinking he would take only one and he took all four – HA! He smiled really big and told me thank you he would enjoy his sugar high.) You’re welcome!

What was in the package?

A Journaling Bible from my husband!!! I was so happy. It was definitely a So God moment. Timing and everything was perfect. I guess trading 4 candy bars for a journaling Bible was worth it.

I think I’ll call it my Joynal 😀😇 – it’s only for happy thoughts and verses that make me happy and bring me joy… I am going to try to do one everyday for the next 30 days during the 30 day challenge by Megan Elizabeth. You can see what that is about at Lifeaboverubies.com

This is the first verse I did. Not perfect and very simplistic. One of my favorites verses is Psalm 4:8. I really liked using the Close to My Heart watercolor colored pencils on this page. I plan on using them a lot more. Mussacknotes.ctmh.com

Sleep makes me happy and I have been struggling with insomnia lately… Stress and lots on my mind. The word both stands out to me. I will BOTH lie down in peace AND sleep.  I lay down at night but with my mind racing and tension turmoiling in my tummy – I don’t sleep…

But- get this – I can do both because God is keeping me safe. No need to worry, be scared, or think about zombie apocalypses or wonder if I made someone mad… God has got this. I can lay down and sleep…. Sweet – wonderful sleep – which makes me rested and in a right spirit for my workout the next day….

Burpees again?! Oops sorry was that complaining?

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