A 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Journey – Week One

About three times a year, the fitness center I go to has a 90 Day Challenge and every year since I began my weight loss journey, I sign up for them. The national winner receives $10,000. And the local club winner receives some perks – like their very own locker! I may win someday. I hope to, but sometimes, I think that whenever I sign up for a 90 Day Challenge, I get jinxed. Something seems to always happen that stresses me to the max. I get sick. The dog dies. Somebody else gets sick. Maybe it’s just a negative mindset? Maybe I need more self-discipline? Maybe, I just need to do it and do it to the best of my ability and maybe I will lose more than three pounds in 90 Days this time.

Maybe if I blog about it I will get more accountability?

Week One. 

The challenge started on a Saturday when I weighed in. The week actually started the following Tuesday, which are regular weigh in days. My fitness trainer signed me up and I am on his Team, which of course makes me want to do well, cuz I don’t want to disappoint him. I have 40 pounds I need to lose.

I realize on Sunday that weekends are the hardest to focus on proper nutrition. Weekends are when temptations rear their ugly head. I want to eat out. I want to get away from the empty, quiet, gloomy loneliness of an empty, quiet, gloomy house. Or I escape to my scrapbook room and start working on a project and get so busy, I forget to eat. Weekends are hard to balance. Weekends are hard to focus. I did get to spend time at a friends house – watching the Super Bowl and making cards. It started out as a clean eating day with a smoothie using my protein powder and almond milk – but then… I ate chocolate : (

The Broncos won though! Is that a Non-Scale Victory?!

Monday my mindfulness has flown out the window. I ran my car out of gas! Seriously. At least I had made it to the gym parking lot and as I was talking on the phone with my mom – the car sputtered and died. I forgot to fill ‘er up. I have never done this before. During my workout, I realize that stress makes my heart rate stay up and I can’t recover quickly to a Zone 1 heart rate. See? I’m serious. 90 Day Challenges are a jinx. Right?

Tuesday makes me wonder where my mindfulness is going. I arrive at an appointment two hours early! So I left and dropped the car off at the mechanic. When I ran out of gas – a kind person – who was trying to help me get gas into my capless gas tank, got the end of a broken funnel piece stuck in my gas tank and the gas pump kept clicking off since it thought my gas tank was full. I am really mad at Ford right now. My metabolic coach sent me home and told me to go rest. I really need to get my act together. I weighed in on Saturday – so I didn’t have to weigh in today. Thank goodness. At 4 AM, I wake up and eat cinnamon sugar toast. I am eating my stress. At least it was sprouted grain bread.

Wednesday, I am having a hard time being positive. I picked up the car from the mechanic today and paid a pretty penny to get it fixed – all because I did not have my act together. This needs to change. I ate lunch at On the Border. I was super hungry.

Thursday, I read a quote that says “If you find yourself in the wrong story, Leave!” I like that! A good friend/mentor of mine said that as you remember your why, remember that only you have that unique thumbprint to put your mark upon what you create. Have the confidence to START!” That really resonated with me. Just because my first week went crappy doesn’t mean the next 11 weeks have to. Today I went car shopping and I’m trading my Ford in. My nutrition is doing better, but still not great, cause life keeps happening. I ate a kids meal from Burger King.

Friday there was no time to cook. so I ate gluten free pizza from Domino’s. Definitely not going to help me lose weight, but I was in the process of buying a Jeep Liberty. A 2007 with less than 50,000 miles on it. I want to make a vow to eat clean. Starting now, no eating out and no sweets. A vow to myself to be more mindful about my nutrition. A vow to get back to better habits so I can continue to inspire others.

And that’s what I want to do. That is my why! 

I want to inspire others. 

Everyday this week, I made it to the gym and did my workouts and I had my sessions with my fitness trainer.  My nutrition wasn’t spot on, but I have realized that I need to do better. Wonder what next week will bring?

Leave comments. How is your weight loss journey going? When do you find it is the hardest to focus on nutrition. How do you overcome that?


One thought on “A 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Journey – Week One

  1. Helen says:

    My hard time are limited, specifically, to my washing hours.

    Lately, it’s been VERY difficult for me to be mindful about what I eat – or to even allow myself to look at myself and ask why I had Pizza Hut pizza for lunch, along with their garlic cheese bread and one of their brownies.

    I need focus. I need discipline, wisdom and a better attitude.

    Challenge accepted.


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