90 Day Challenge – Week Two

I started writing about my 90 Day Challenge (which I joined about a month ago and only wrote about the first week). Life got busy. I will now update my progress by writing about Week Two. I ended Week One with a promise to myself to do better. Let’s see how I did.

Day 8 – It’s the day before Valentines Day and I am feeling blue. My husband is an independent contractor and has been overseas for quite awhile. When the love of your life is absent quite often, days like Valentines, sometimes, seems quite gloomy. I cheered up a little bit when I got roses and chocolate delivered to me. Although, chocolate does not help my nutrition any. At all. But it was the thought that counts – right?


Day 9 – Sunday. A day of rest and Valentines Day. Nobody’s at home. I’m lonely. I eat my emotions at Wendy’s for lunch. I did make a healthy dinner of pork chops, asparagus and baby potatoes. I got the idea for it from this Pin on Pinterest:

Day 10 – Ran 1 mile in 15 minutes staying at a Zone 3 heart rate. Then I ran another 2 miles keeping at a Zone 2 heart rate. My goal is get a 14 minute mile. I also went to soccer practice. Nutrition was spot on, until I ate lunch out with a friend and had a cookie. Will there ever be a time I can do perfect nutrition? Who else struggles with this?

Day 11 – I gained weight : ( I’m sad and mad and depressed. It’s my fault. I can’t do perfect nutrition. I cheered myself up today by getting my hair cut and highlighted. My hairdresser gave me postive pink highlights. It made me happy. Pink hair for when I’m feeling blue.

Day 12 – I am a bonafied Stress Mess. Nutrition has been lousy this week. Stress and weight loss do not a happy couple make. I read this today. “I am not Superwoman with nerves of steel or guts. Stress is my kryptonite and it’s going to rip off my cape.” I need to remember Nehemiah 8:10 – The joy of the Lord is MY strength. 

Day 13 – I have been taking L-Tryptophan for the past couple days. Today, I had a bad reaction to it. Hmmm. My daughter had to pick me up from the gym and my workouts were kind of non-effortless. I was sooooooooooo tired.

Day 14 – I missed a workout today! I slept in, but I think my body needed it. I did get almost 3 miles done on the treadmill. That’s a NSV! (non-scale victory) Went to IKEA today and got me some items to help me get my scrapbook stuff organized. My nutrition was decent today! Just need to keep eating clean.

This week – I learned that I want to eat clean and healthy and for the most part I do. I also realized that I have to stop beating myself if I slip up. The stress is not worth it. Maybe, the weight will start coming off – if I stop stressing myself out so much.

Two things to look forward to – becoming a certified state soccer referee and I signed up to become a Beach Body coach. (More info on that later – as I learn more about it)

If you have enjoyed reading about my weight loss journey so far – leave me a comment. I need inspiration.



One thought on “90 Day Challenge – Week Two

  1. Helen says:

    Press on. When no one is watching, press on. When every eye is on you, press on. If God is for you, who can be against you?

    I love you, my friend!

    You continue to amaze and inspire!


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