More 90 Day Challenge – Weeks Three and Four

The 90 Day Challenge is going strong. I am not making much progress. but I am, at least, maintaining my weight. I’m not really gaining, but I’m not really losing either. Could it be because I keep blowing my nutrition by eating “junk” food – like donuts, cookies and chips? Let us see.

Day 15 and 16Saturday and Sunday. I have a new exercise regimen/program! One that I think I can really get determined about.

Mondays – I do a Weight Loss Class, which consists of cardio and basic strength training and soccer practice. Tuesday is strength training. Wednesday is stretching. Thursday is cardio endurance. Friday is my Weight Loss Class again. Saturday is cardio and strength training. Everyday, except Sunday, is a metabolics heart rate zone workout. I weigh in on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

I am struggling this week with my fitness trainer. It is beginning to feel like he doesn’t want to motivate me and isn’t that part of a fitness trainer’s job description – to motivate their clients. How can you tell when it’s time to move on and find a new fitness trainer? That’s the question I keep asking myself this week. It’s not that he’s not a good trainer. He is a good trainer. He knows what he is doing. I am not trying to bash him. This blog is not about him, it’s about me and how I feel. I just feel like he’s giving me the brush off. And when you struggle with BPD it is not a good feeling to feel like you are being abandoned by anyone.

Day 17 – Monday – I got a job as a piano instructor – working for a local music academy. I’m super excited. Music is my background.

Day 18 – Tuesday – I lost 3 pounds this week! Whoo hoo! Eating clean helps.

Day 19 – Day 21 – Wednesday – Friday – Every day is pretty much the same. Get up, go to the gym, do my workouts, keep busy hanging with friends or working and try to eat clean. Some days are better than others. I bought new shoes this week. Brand new Ghost 8’s. I have a St. Patricks Day 5k coming up. I also wasn’t able to get my Jeep Liberty, but I did wind up getting a brand new Chevy Trax! I love it! Bumper to Bumper warranty for the next 5 years.

Day 22 Saturday – Weigh in day = sadness. I gained all the weight back. Crappy nutrition this week. Sigh. I did 2.44 miles on the treadmill during my metabolic workout.

Day 23 – 27 – Sunday – Thursday – Rockin my workouts this week! Got an Active Metabolic Assessment done again and I improved. My VO2 level’s went from Poor to Fair. When I had walking pneumonia in December my VO2 leve’s dropped drastically and it got very hard to breathe when doing cardio workouts.

Day 28 – Friday – March 1st started the 10,000K steps a day for the next month challenge – which I signed up for. So far so good. I am getting my steps in. I really want to do this. Today I got 10,800 steps.

Not bad. I’m getting there. Learning some serious, hard-knock, life lessons, but I’m getting through it. I’ll get there. I’m not giving up. I’ve come to far.



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