Renewing Vision

I lost my vision yesterday. I stood on the scales and I had gained back 40 lbs of my 100 weight pound loss. I felt like a failure. I felt weak. I felt depressed, sad and ready to quit. I’ve been letting myself think that for quite some time – that I am not strong or mentally tough. I’ve been giving myself a pass and allowing myself to eat the fast food, and the cakes and pies and candy. I was letting my workouts go. I was still working out, I just wasn’t giving much effort to it. I blamed it on stress and depression and David being gone and adult kids not being supportive. Telling myself that no matter how hard I try, it would never be enough. I lost sight of my vision. I lost my focus on achieving my first and foremost goal of losing weight.

I forgot one thing though – through all of this, I have this one super power. A superpower to get past things. Toxic friendships, stressful situations, hurtful words, unhealthy habits, etc. I feel bad, guilty or sad for a moment, but I pick myself up and move on. Resiliency. Is resiliency a super power? I guess I could call myself Resilient Woman.

So now, it’s time to change my inner monologue. I need to focus on my mental toughness (strength, grit, resiliency) and stop talking myself out of all the amazing things I can do when I put my mind to it.

*I can achieve my weight loss goal

*I can be a badass fitness trainer

*I can help and inspire others to find success and achieve their goals

So back to focusing on nutrition. That’s the biggest part of being healthy. Ask any fitness trainer and they will tell you – Nutrition affects performance. I know what to do.

-Track my food

-Stay away from the processed, sugary food.

-No gluten, eggs or dairy (my body is sensitive)

-Meat, fruit, veggies

-Follow and trust my fitness trainers plan for me.

ABOVE ALL – Stay Focused!!!!

Running will happen. CrossFit can be learned. Just not now! Not at this time. My focus is on weight loss, strength training and getting my fitness trainer certification.

That’s my goal.

Vision renewed.

I’ve got this.


Let’s do it!!!!!









2 thoughts on “Renewing Vision

  1. Dani Reed says:

    Deb, I have lost 50+ pounds TWICE. Gained it all back the first time and 40 back the second and am trying to lose it a third. So awesome that you figured it out now and are getting to work! I believe in you, God believes in you! Get what you want in your teeth and shake it like a pit bull!


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