Positively Debbie Chalks – Salon and Working Hard

– Hope you enjoy this video of my most recent chalk couture project. I used the Salon transfer, white, purple and lilac chalk paste and the 12 x 12 square magnetic chalkboard from Chalk Couture. I gave it to my hair dresser the next day – when I went for my hair appointment and she loved it!!!

~ This company is awesome.

~ On Working Hard – today, during my workout, I did knee pull-ins – where I sat on a box and pulled my knees into my body while sitting in a v-position, side walks with a band, cleans, and lat pull downs and 30 sit – ups. So 40 knee pull-ins, three down and backs with the band, and 50 lat pull-downs. I was sweating when I got done, I felt tired and my muscles felt sore.

~I went to a nutrition appointment at noon and I lost a pound and a half since Saturday! Came home and marinated my chicken, which I am getting ready to grill on the George Foreman or bake – I haven’t decided yet. I’ll have broccoli with it and maybe 1/4 cup of wild rice.

~I am back it. Somehow – between my surgery and now I put on 20 pounds – Sigh. Time to get it back off. Well, I did it before. I can do it again. That’s what working hard is. Keeping on – never giving up even when you want to – sometimes falling down but always getting back up.

~Hope you enjoy the video. Leave comments! Ask questions! If you would like to have a project like this made for you email me at dmussack@yahoo.com or if you would like to buy the supplies to make it yourself visit my website –  PositiveJourneys.chalkcouture.com. Better yet join my Team and get a 40% discount off every item you purchase.

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