Challenges and New Vision

My brain is at a complete stand still for writing lately. No new inspirations… it’s like my brain has shut down. It was a stressful month in April though. Lots of stuff happened – nothing major like somebody died or anything – just stressful stuff. A relationship of 3 years ended – out of the blue – just like that and snap! it was over. My fitness trainer fired me… out of the blue… very unprofessional!  I don’t care how much a client complains – if they are doing the work, a fitness trainer should never belittle, criticize or tell a person they are no good. Actually, it was a good thing this fitness trainer fired me, cuz it got me out of a very negative situation. I am an Empath and this trainer was Narcissistic to the core.

An Empath is:  A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.

A Narcissist is: A person with no soul. The only thing bigger than their inflated ego is the void that they demand others to fill.

So most of April was spent in healing, forgetting and forgiving the person who stabbed me in the back. It hurt though – it really hurt. One would like to think that they could trust their trainer.


I am still kind of angry – but everyday gets a little bit better and I am in a new and better place. I have a new trainer now – who actually wrote me a fitness plan to follow. I’ve never had that before.

I have a new vision for my weight loss and fitness journey…and I believe with the proper people on Team Debbie – this time… I am going to see success. I’m excited!!!

I regressed a bit in my weight loss… because I was trying to eat my emotions to help me overcome the negativity of a trainer who told me my body was too broken to ever achieve any kind of fitness goal.

Never again though!! He’s gone! He’s in the past and the future is ahead of me!

You have to want your dreams – more than your drama! – Jen Sincero

This weekend will begin another 60 Day Fitness and Clean Eating Challenge for me and I hope to share with you how my journey is going…. By golly!!! I am going to be a fitness trainer one of these days!!!


I’m back!!!!

Well, thanks for reading.

And I will definitely remain,

Positively, Debbie


One thought on “Challenges and New Vision

  1. Helen Williams says:

    I’m glad he’s behind you. Now, let go of him and leave him in your past. He has nothing good for you. He was a tool in the enemy’s hand.
    It’ll be hard not to look back. But, you know what happened to Lot’s wife….
    I love you too much to watch you go through that again.
    Note to your new trainer:
    Dude, treat her like a lady!


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